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Volks FCS Optional ears for big dolls?!

Jul 3, 2006

    1. Saw this in the News Section. I hope they will have a few choices of ear types. It would be cool to have a big boy or girl with dragon ears! Or wing ears...

    2. Darn - I LOVE that Volks sunlight elf - DARN DARN DARN!!!!
    3. It'd be fun if they made optional ears for every head. Mm, white Syo with dragon ears :D
    4. I'm sooo dreaming of it since I've seen the pics !!!! Argggg this teaser just kills !!! Why can't I be in the US ??? Why I don't I live in USA or Japan !!! Well, I must be doomed !:sweat
    5. Aw~ SD with elf/dragon ears, more to add on to my wishlist. I'm glad that Volks releases these beauties as FCS and not as limited.
    6. Wouldn't that be cool? :daisy I'd love for them to have bat/dragon/fin ears so I could make an SD sized mermaid. :chibi
    7. Oh yes a Volks' elf ! Finally !!! (never lose faith ! ^_^)
    8. Which heads are those, anyway? -swoons- I'm so excited!
    9. They both look like new heads to me~
    10. Yes they seems pretty new heads for me too... Can't wait !!!!
    11. This is so beyond exciting. I absolutely must order an FCS from the LA store now. I need a Volks tan elf! Oooh I could totally do a good Koga now because he's kinda tan and doesn't really have odd facial markings.... Perfect cosplay and so pretty. *brain overloads*
    12. I'll say it. I want an F-16 with those ears.
    13. I'm confused though... cause Volks USA doesn't offer tan dolls.. and yet the boy looks tanned to me?? Maybe they'll start offering them? *crosses fingers*
    14. He definitely looks tan to me, that's what I'm hoping too!
    15. Heck!
      I sawed off my Syo's ears and put RML elf ears on!

      Theoretically one could put MSD FCS elf ears on any full-size doll.... with mods...

      heheh! I was wondering when Volks would get it together and make SD sized Elves!!!

      But I want GIRLS!!

    16. You can order it with a girl body<3
    17. ...tan f17 with dragon ears would likely make me explode. lol I doubt it would happen, and my brainmeats thank Volks for sparing them that bit of pain. lol

      I wonder just what heads they're going to have for those optional ears though...curiouser and curiouser!!
    18. *rolls on the floor, foaming* x___< I was pondering about going to the LA Tea Party... but... @_@ AUGH! So beautiful.
    19. Dangit, now I wonder if they make non-poofy fox ears...
    20. O_O *excitement* I'm going to buy an FCS this fall from Sato, I hope hope hope they release them FCS like the MSD F-13......