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Volks FCS sunlight skin - pros & cons

May 25, 2005

    1. Okay, its not like Im going to buy the doll tomorrow, ( i wish ~_~)
      but when Im saving for somthing, I like to know exactly what I'm aiming for.
      Im currently saving my way for an FCS F16 boy, but im not exactly sure what i want.
      Pureskin snow or Sunlight skin.
      I was wondering you could help me, the differences between each colour and there setbacks.
      Also I want my doll to be sanded and I head for SL its good idea for it to be coated.

      Thankyou :daisy
    2. Well, first of all, all the skin colours are pureskin. It's the resin type, not the colour. :wink:

      The advantages of flesh-tone skin (as I see them):

      The available optional parts will match.
      Should he ever need a new body, it will be cheaper and easier to find.
      He will be able to do both the goth thing and the tanned thing, depending on clothes/wig/face-up.

      F16 in flesh colour is extremely common (don't know if that bothers you).

      Advantages of Sunlight skin:

      Looks amazing.
      Quite rare, so he will stand out.
      Still pretty versatile, but you might need a little more imagination.

      Disadvantage of Sunlight skin:

      Sanding lines will show up (maybe they've fixed this now?).
      You won't be able to get optional parts for him unless Volks change their current policy.
      It's still pretty new, so there's uncertainty about how it will age (of course, in theory there shouldn't be a problem).

      Have fun choosing your boy!
    3. If you get a sunlight boy *definitly* have Volks sand it! (Unless seams don't bother you at all, otherwise, you won't need to worry.) The sunlight color does NOT go all the way through, it's only on the surface, so when you sand it down, the resin will be lighter underneath. If you have Volks do it for you, they will recolor it so the resin matches throughout. ^^ This is not a problem for the normal or beatuy white skintones though.
    4. Annika: thankyou for all your help :D
      Oh sorry about the resin type, I did'nt really make my post clear I was going on about Sunlight and the Snow xD;;
      "Still pretty versatile, but you might need a little more imagination."
      Sorry to sound like an idoit, but what do you mean by this~? ^^;

      Hitasura: Thankyou for you help~
      That is what has been bothering me, the colour underneath.
      Its not like Im aiming to scratch my doll or anything xD, but Im pretty clumsly as times, and Im sure there would be an odd scratch or bump.
      Would it be very noticable?

      also Ive been wondering about yellowing of the resin over time.
      Which out of the 3 skin tones is the worse?
      I heard snow is pink underneath~? so it would'nt eb so bad~?
    5. Ah well, that throws most of what I said out the window. :oops:

      I just meant that while flesh tone can pull off goth, wraith, surfer boy and everything in between fairly easily, you might have a little more trouble getting a sunlight head to work with the paler end of the scale. It can be done, though (just look at some of the Custom House dolls!).

      Good luck! :daisy
    6. Thankyou~
      No No everything you said helped me, it widened my view.
      Flesh tone I guess would be a very nice option, incase i ever wanted to change character, so much choices xD
      Thankyou again for your help though :D
    7. I just recently saw two gorgeous F16 boys in person. One had normal skin tone and one was a FCS with white. Frankly, both skin tones looked really similar to me. Both were absolutely gorgeous! One was a brand new boy, and one was a year or so older. Just thought I'd mention that.

    8. if it helps, i have 2 F-16s in pureskin snow and sunlight and i adore both very much.

      well, i guess it depends on what kind of faceup you would want.
      i find that my sunlight boy looks more masculine, and my snow boy looks slightly more feminine.

      they're both at my website if you'd like to take a look.
      good luck with ordering your boy. i adore all F-16s. no matter what skin color..lol...

    9. Hee, just to let you know I don't own any dolls but I am hoping to own an F16 in future. XD

      The choice of skin tones also bugged me a bit, coz I've seen lots of flesh-toned F16s and a handfull of sunlight F16s and then I observed something..

      I think, as mentioned earlier on by Annika, the flesh-toned F16s are more versatile. They look great in almost anything (wig colours/eyes).

      However, for the sunlight F16s, it's tougher to find wig and eye colours + faceups that will go well. But i think it's similar to choosing the right sort of colours when it comes to make up for humans too. hee, you can always observe real suntanned humans and check out what hair and eye colours fit them the best.

      Here's a great sunlight skin F16 I love lots -> http://dolls.oheya.to/gallery/img06/photo/portrait.html by Avvelenato [ http://dolls.oheya.to/flame.html ].
      I think he looks great with that colour wig and eyes.

      ^^ I guess every doll will show their best affinities with various wigs/eyes/faceups, so it's up to you what sort of personality you'd like for your doll. XD Good luck with your choice!
    10. Wow - the Avenuto boy is sooo beautiful!

      My Rhunei is a Sunlight F16. To me, he looks amazing in most wigs and eye-colors!


      I have noticed that, although I'm reasonably careful with him, there is a lighter scratch on one of his hands. ^^;

      I've had a much harder time with my BW dolls - they seem very limited in what colors look good with them.

      The Normal dolls do look wonderful in most wig and eye colors.
    11. Janne,

      What makeup did you get on him? It looks so natural and not over done. He is a beauty.^^

      I think with any of the darker/tan dolls you have to be more careful. I'm still not real sure how the colour is done. I have really checked out my tan Cyn, and I have no clue.

      Does Rhunei scratch very easily? Please say no.
    12. :D
      Im glad you posted, i was all over the place looking for you xD
      i just adore you jin <3
      On your newest shoot, on the couch he does look more masculine, he just seems to hold such a aura around him *___*
    13. *_* those Avvelenato dolls have such beautiful makeup~
      Thankyou for the links and advice Yoake <3 *3*
      And good luck to you too, for your future F16 <3 <3
    14. Thanks, Pam. *^_^*

      He has Natural Make-up. I love that his lips are painted, not airbrushed. I'm really happy with his make-up, actually - I just darkened around his eyes and eyebrows a little.

      And while I carry him pretty much everywhere, he just seems to have the one scratch so far, and I don't know how he got it. *kisses scratch*

      I don't know if he scratches more easily than the others, but since he's lighter underneath, it's definitely more noticable.
    15. His gorgeous *__* thankyou for showing him to me <3
    16. Janne your doll just makes me go "oof" and "faint" and DROOL... he is impossibly beautiful.

      I love this skin tone - it doesn't look orange to me at ALL and the CH looks a little orange to me. This just looks like... well... skin. :love Lust and love.
    17. *o* OMG! He's so.. gorgeous~ ;o; How come I seldom see pictures of him in the gallery? >:] heh, I guess he's one of the few sunlight-skins who look great with most colours ne! ^o^

      Thank you so much for sharing him!! T-- T he's such a sweetie~ <3
    18. Thank you! *^^* My computer broke and it took an amazing amount of time and effort to get the store with it's service plan to fix it, so I haven't been able to share him much lately. ^^;


      But here's some examples of how nice he looks with different colors and styles of hair. ^_^
    19. just... *_* :daisy :chibi oof, Janne, "OOF". So gorgeous it's literally stunning. OMG.
    20. I have a F16 with pureskin snow and he looks good in absolutely everything; eyes, wig, you name it.

      I definitely recommend getting the doll sanded and coated by Volks, it's SO worth it.

      Here's Lucien next to his brother Stefan, so you can see the difference between snow and normal pureskin: