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Volks February New Outfits

Jan 30, 2009

    1. anyone can recognize who is the model for SD13B outfit??
      (I think that's Alain on SD13B body... but totally not sure @__@)
    2. It seems he's FCS F-38.
    3. That outfit for SD13 and DD is so pretty! I love those socks in particular.

      The outfits for MSDs look a bit similar to the previously released outfits though.


      I just notice that those socks are not included in the set! :o

      By the way, who is the model for that SD13 outfit?
    4. I think she's Lady Sylvie.
    5. What is the general protocal for releasing outfits like this in the US?

      Are these the ones that usually get here a few months later?
    6. Any idea if the volks yo-sd sized would fit a Littlefee? I was thinking about getting one for my incoming Littlefee.
    7. Dresses will work, but jeans will be to long and come up to high. Skirts may need to be taken in a tad. They are close in size but LF is closer to Bambicrony.