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Volks fetish? (I hope nobody is offended by this)

Aug 25, 2004

    1. Does anybody have a certain brand fetish? Yeah. The word "fetish" might sound a little extreme, but people at our korean doll club use the word fetish to describe the obsession they may have over a certain brand. Actually they now call it a patch now. (although I'm not sure how the word changed)
      I was just curious if anybody else had that. I hope no one is offended by what I say, but I have a thing for Volks. I mostly buy Volks dolls, and although I adore CP dolls, and other brand dolls, I end up buying Volks. I think it's because I like the Volks body, and how I don't have to buy new clothing for different size dolls. Does anybody else have this?
    2. Volks is my primary love. I do have an Angel Region Bada and a CP Soo, but mostly its about Volks dolls for me.

    3. I *heart* CustomHouse. =*^__^*=

      I love my Sylvie, and I'm very thankful to Volks for releasing her and all, but first and foremost in my heart is CustomHouse. It all started more than a year ago, when I first saw Cyn... For me, no other boys even come close to what CustomHouse has to offer. =^^=
    4. Cerberus Project for me!

      If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have my gorgeous, wonderful El. ^^V I also love Lishe, Chiwoo and Soo.
    5. :grin: I have to say I love the Volks for qualtiy, and sculpting. Their dolls are just so darn well executed. You just can't get around that.

      For faceup, I'll take a CustomHouse any day. I do believe the hand painting is some of the best I've seen. But, I've got the Unique and one of a kinds. The face sculptures of the boys are wonderful. And Anu's outfits are the best, as are momopop's. :grin:

      I love the sculpture of my Shiwoo-elf. And I love the vunerability of the Souldoll Ash....not to mention the gorgeous resin, and delicate faceup.

      I have found all resins are not created equal......but, that's another story.
    6. I suppose I do, since all my dolls are Volks...even the ones that are coming!

      I think part of it is that until July of this year, I hadn't ever seen dolls from another manufacturer in person. It does make a difference to be able to see and hold a doll, and see what they look like for yourself (pictures often just don't do a doll justice!).

      I also happen to like Volks' style a lot. They seem to be the only company still doing some "anime" style dolls, which, on the whole, I tend to prefer for my own dolls.

      I don't generally dislike dolls from other makers - some of them are startlingly lovely - but there's limited time, money, and space. I do expect that sooner or later another company is going to make a doll that absolutely calls to me, and I hope that circumstances will be favorable at that time!

    7. I think right now, I am obsessed with Luts, Alchemical Labo and Volks. I hope to have one doll from each before I consider my collection "finished".

      I already own my Dark Elf Soo (Aserassi) and I really, really, -REALLY- want a Unoa Lusis. I am so darned obsessed with that doll, it's crazy. I'm saving so that when the next preorder after this hits, I'll be able to get one. :oops:

      My Volks obsession is, thankfully, limited to the 4 sisters, Nana, Kira, Sara and Megu. After I get a Lusis, I'm heading straight for a Megu (SD10). There's just something about her face sculpt, those really dark eyes and that dark hair that has been calling to me for months now. Since they seem somewhat easier to get, I'll hold off and strive for my Unoa Lusis first. :)

      So those are my three "fetishes". :?
    8. I have 4 dolls - all Volks, need I say more?

      I am presently looking at for an elf and guess I need to look elsewhere, I wish Volks made elves too. I'll probably settle for a Lutts (I like Elf El, a lot).
      Thanks for asking.

    9. I so agree 100% :D :grin:
    10. I like Volks for the most part...and CP. For me, it's all about the sculpting, as some other companies' dolls can look downright crude (especially in the nose and mouth area) compared to Volks and CP.
    11. Same here!! I'm going with CP for my first boy, but I first fell in love with the F28 head so I definitely want to get one down the road.
    12. ::laughs:: I don't even have a doll yet, but CP is my favorite brand -- most of the dolls I want are CP. El, Lishe, Chiwoo, Dark Elf Soo, and I've recently been peeking at the Ggoma Ani (I think that's it.) The only Volks dolls I really want are FCS -- I think this is because I'm setting my sights on dolls I can actually get, and most of the really nice Volks dolls, IMHO, are limited ones that aren't availiable and are super expensive now, so I don't have much interest in them. Customhouse is the same way, I think -- all of their best dolls are limited or uniques that are no longer available, although two Customhouse boys are the dream dolls that I'm in love with. xD

      I'm an Angelregion fan when it comes it MSDs, though, I think. ^^;
    13. Today I went to make myself an icon graphic, and at that time I realized... I've caught the volks bug, as I no longer own or have definate plans to get any doll whose icon can not be found on the japanese icon page. :oops:

      For a long time I didn't think I liked volks because I am possibly the only real "girl doll fan" and I just don't like the pointy nose look of most of their girls. (nono, mimi, sd13 sisters, and f04 come to mind as examples) That said, the ones I do like really become dream dolls for me, and I find them very hard to resist. More recently, I am also finding that their boys are the most appealing in person to me as well.

      I do have my unoa that I love to death, but even she was made by a sculptor that has worked with volks.

      Not to discredit the korean companies: I do love CP bodies ( I have my f08 on a soo body), and hope to get a (dreaming?) lishe someday, and CH has the most fabulous makeup and clothing artists (plus petite ai!!). I have even been warming up to hypermaniac after seeing kakiva *sigh* I have quite a thing for dreaming dollies.

      So I'm not a complete volks groupie, but still I find myself wanting them the most. To each his own though, eh? I'm glad we have so many to look at and choose from ^^
    14. boy this is a hard thing to answer.

      at first I wouldnt buy any doll that wasn't volks, but I have to say that I like CP a whole lot too. I like that they make it so easy to order dolls in general, that you can commission them to paint them (and the paint jobs are gorgeous!) can easily get extra hands and heads, that they are affordable, and that their facial and body sculpts are so beautiful (and they have some fantasy stuff like elves within their adult doll line something that Volks still hasn't done much to my dismay...)

      I'd still say that Volks is my fetish, with CP in a very close second perhaps?

      However, I think that Alchemic Labo is my very very favorite. I think I might actually be able to say that I think Unoa is the neatest doll I own. All the extra parts he made for her (even if they are impossibly hard to aquire :x )... Unoa are just really imaginative and just SO gorgeous.

      so uh... I guess I dont know what my favorite company is!
    15. I.. can't say I have a favorite producer. I like most comapnies.

      I guess I could say I'm more of a collector. As of now, I have more VOLKS than not, but soon that will change with the arrival of my IZ head.

      Maybe I'm strange, but in the end I would hope to have a doll from each of my favorite companies. So far, I've got a Serendipidy, A customhouse, Two Volks.. I'll be getting Elf El and my IZ head is coming soon...

      But i think volks will win out in the end, because I find i like more of their dolls, especially with the NEW MSD FCS.. there are TWO i want to get from there as well as SD 13 FCS..

      Although I love my dolls to death, I'm not so much a player as a displayer.. I love to dress them up nice and display them where I can see them all the time.. and cuddle them occaisonally.I do take them places with me, mostly cons and around my house, but outside in everyday, I dont tend to take them out often. I took my Serendipidy to Anime club and she took a nosedive off the table when someone nudged it too hard u_u;;
    16. mmmm I have 2 CP dolls Soo and Chiwoo and 100% adore them, own 1 Volks MSD, love her to bits, but I have to say that I prefer my CP's and have my eye on another one to make it a trio lol.... My daughter has a Sharmin she is sweet and very delicate in look and love the idea of changeable ears (they are so cute) but she hasnt swayed me from CP Luts either.

      I do like other makes aswell, but love the whiteskins of my CP's and the lovely makeup etc that CP do and as has been said before, the easy way of obtaining which living in UK its quite hard to get Volks :(

      so probably~
      1st CP Luts
      2nd Very closely Volks
      3rd thats a hard 1..... lol
    17. I only have Volks BJD. I can't help it, having followed SDs since the start in 1998, I can't help thinking of other brands as knock-offs or "the next best thing". I don't like all Volks heads, the only ones I really like are the standard SD sister head, the MSD Mika head and the MSD antique-style head or Yuni head, but I haven't seen any head I really like yet in the other brands.

      Edit : almost a year later, I have found dolls I like in other brands : Pocket Fairy, Narsha, Unoa, LT Line.
    18. I don't like all Volks heads either. In fact there I more I don't like than do, but the ones I do like, I love. My favorite is still standard Nono, the first I bought. The range has increased significantly since then, but I would still take Nono as my first choice. As for the "hard to gets" I rather like Momoko.

    19. I like Volks the best. 99% of my BJDs are Volks.. I have a Luts doll that I'm trying to bond with, albeit not very successfully. There are heads from other brands that I think are cute/pretty/nice/whatever, but none of them have *grabbed* me the way my current Volks dolls have.