Volks Four Sisters eye size?

Aug 22, 2004

    1. Hi does anyone know what a good size eye fits Megu???? I have tried both 23mm and 18mm and the 18mm so far work good. I just bought her some 20mm and I hope they look ok?? Does anyone else have 20mm in their Megu? I will post here the 18mm on her.
    2. If it fits in the eye socket, and looks okay, then it is a good size! I think I've seen as small as 16 used very effectively in the Megu head.

    3. I'm with Ken - I think Megu looks good in anything from 22 mm to 16 mm (with certain eyes.)

      I think 22 mm make her look quite child-like, and the smaller sizes make her look a little more grown up. :D
    4. I use 20 mm in mine, but 18 mm is nice too. but really, whatever you think looks best.
    5. I'm looking for some opinions here :wink:

      I'd like to buy a pair or 2 of eyes for my Nana-coming-soon. Her eyes looked dark on the order page, but i believe they are a light blue green?

      I'd like to know your opinions on what specific KIND of eyes you use & where do you buy them (Volks is out of a LOT & i can't get the website Artistique to add anything to my cart)

      If you have a Nana/4 sisters head-do you stick with the 22mm eye size? Or have you gone to 20 or 18? Please direct me to/send me pictures!

      Feel free to email me if you'd rather not post here:
      [email protected]

      Thanks :grin:

    6. I ordered two pairs from Masterpiece eyes, and the other two pairs are from Descending Twilight (forum member).

      Come to think of it.... those are Masterpiece too :oops:

      Gosh, I hope MP eyes are as nice as they look in all the pictures. :chibi
    7. Nana 10 comes with HUGE HUGE HUGE forest green 22/24mm eyes. Now, some people do like this, but my friend replaced hers with 18mm eyes and they looked much more natural. I believe you can go as high as 20mm and still see whites, but the ones she came with were... well... huge... ^_^;;;; I would suggest getting some cheapo doll eyes and trying them out to see what size you personally prefer before investing a lot of money in nice doll eyes in a size you may not like.

      Here's a shot of the girl in 18mm green eyes, just for a reference, I don't think I have a picture of her default eyes (They personally scared me with their size, think a live persons eyes and you have about the right size)

      The doll on the left is my MSD, and the one on the right is the Nana

      Hope that helps some and congrats on your girl! Nana is a cutie!
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    8. I actually found/saved this picture in my searching-thanks for posting it & for your all your info! The Nana i am getting is the "new makeup" version-are we still talking huge scary eyes, LOL?? Thanks for the tip on trying out some cheap dolls eyes-that's a great way to not make an expensive mistake :wink:

      Do these 4 sister dolls NOT look like they look on the Volks order page?

      Thanks again!
    9. That nana is the even newer pureskin girl, so yeah, I think we are still talking WOAH!BIG eyes. ^_^;;; The ones from that nana were so big they wouldn't even fit in the head of my MSD girl, who can comfortably take 18mm. <.< My bud and I make fun of my nono's eyes too for being so big. The girl will look different with different wigs and different angles and different light. They look best on the volks page, but you will in no way be disappointed with your girl. ^_^ I'm personally not a fan of the sd10 sis head, but she is really, really cute and pretty in person!

      If you feel like rumaging, there are more nana in action pics in either of my journals:


      http://www.livejournal.com/~vulpespraedatum <--- you'll have better luck with this one as it's my doll journal, but pictures end up in the other one too ^_^;;;
    10. Ok...i am freaking out a little.... :o

      But i am so totally new to BJD's...like 4 days....i've taken on a lot of info & feel a little bit overloaded :|

      Can anyone tell me, is she even going to resemble her Volks picture??
    11. I think she's even prettier than the pictures, esp if you dress her up and get her nice eyes/wigs etc. :) Cheer up.

      I have a Megu, she takes 18mm eyes wonderfully, but 20mm seems a little large. Tallina's is a nice place to get eyes I've heard.

      18mm dark violet eyes from luts, which are similiar to tallina's

      cheap, Volks 18mm metallic green eyes (acrylic)
    12. I like Masterpiece eyes. They are a little pricey, but they are absolutely stunning, and with the flat backs, they are very easy to position.
      Karin Bussman (DOA member) is a retailer for them in US.
    13. Thank you! I was having trouble placing items in my cart at Artistique-so i called them on the phone (really nice people), & i have a couple of pairs of eyes on the way from them, since they're so reasonable. I thought i'd try them out before i get into a really good expensive pair...
    14. I've read anywhere from 18mm to 22mm. I'm generally not a fan of alien eyes so I'm assuming I should go with 18-20?
    15. I prefer 18mm in the sister head, but I tend to like my dolls looking a bit older.

      TrenchBunny's nana on right. (Ignore my poor MSD on the left, she looks much better now....)

      As a general rule, the larger the eyes, the younger looking the doll. Other factors like color and paperweight depth come in to play as well. It's very much a personal preference. ^^
    16. I like 20mm for my Yume, as well... :grin:

    17. Thank so much for all your help!

      ~Cindy H
    18. Your Yume is DELICIOUS! OMGOSH! *goes off looking for more pics*
    19. ooaa... I might have to go shopping for some 20mm... I don't have any, biggest I have are 18mm...

      My 4 sisters head that ALISHIA (illness illusion) did for me is on the way home... wait until you see her... she did an AMAZING job!!
    20. eeee gads Sher! I was just wondering whatever happened to yours. I can't wait to see her now!!! I know I'm going to be totally jealous. :cry: