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Volks Full Choice FCS F29, F30, F31 Discussion

Aug 21, 2007

    1. I love them to death. I really do. They are the sculpts that made me want a Volks doll. The options for the ears they give is amazing, and answers a lot of fans prayers for a SD13 elfs from Volks.


      No matter how many times I look at them, one thing bothers me. It's present on a good amount of Volks sculpts, but because I've been so greatly considering the F-29, 30, and 31, it seems even more prominant on them.

      Is it just me, or do their eyes seem a tad bit too far apart? In some pictures you can tell, while others make it seem blaringly bad. I'm not sure what to do about these mixed feelings about these sculpts, since they will decide if when I'm in Japan I'll try for a FCS or not. (Yes, I'll be there for 5 months and have a mailing address.)

      What do you think?
    2. actually the f-31 really really appeals to me! i like that slim elongated face so he doesn't look quite kiddy. but yea, those eyes are like... O_________O
      after a while it's ok though, cause the distance between the eyes you can easily mask with skillful face ups, adding some shade on the sides of the nose near the eyes can close in the distance and give the impression of a higher forehead. i have since found a sculpt very similar to F31 but with eyes not so far apart and rounder features, but if i didn't meet him i would have certainly gone for the F31 in a heartbeat.
    3. Mmmm that's a good tip! I've discovered what a difference diffused or normal paint on lips makes on making them appear bigger or smaller. It didn't occur to me to try a different optical illusion for the eyes! What sculpt did you end up with, out of curiosity?
    4. Actually, I very much favor the F-30 headmold. And looking at it, it doesn't seem that any of their eyes are too far apart. (I believe that the correct space between eyes is an eyelength itself..?)
      It might just be how their faceups have been put on that could be giving off some sort of illusion. Too much shadow on the inner eyelids can really affect the way a doll's face looks, I've discovered. Or, the doll could just be cxck-eyed.
      My view is that the face itself is very elongated, giving them a slimmer frontview but a..more "bull"-ish profile. Their cheeks are too wide when coming from the ear, and any angle that shows it off could greatly affect that eyes-too-far-apart idea.

      Then again, that's just out of what I've known/seen..in person, they really don't show that problem at all, I think.
    5. I've not noticed this particular issue with my F-30. BUT the elf molds do all seem to have something slightly unusual about their facial features that give them an otherworldy look ... as they should have, considering the range of fantastic ears they come with! ;)
    6. Brighnasa and Kurosakura convinced me on the F-30 mold. When I first saw him, I was leaning more towards an F-31 (I loved the BW one released in the Volks LA store, he was just PERFECT). But then every other F-31 I've seen that wasn't the original, I didn't love as much.

      Now, when I see an F-30... I love his face. His sleepy eyes, beautiful mouth and cute nose. And the ear option is so cool, too. ^____^
    7. For some reasons I look at a lot of Volks sculpts and think their eyes look really far apart... the majority of their sculpts seem to hae this "problem" to me. :/
    8. Of the three sculpts I like the f-30 the most. I love his sensitive lips and his dreamy eyes... he's certainly on my wishlist (one problem though, my wishlist is expanding like the universe!)

      As for the eyes; I think that the f-29 seem to have this problem the most. (S)he has really small eyes, but the distance between the two is like an f-31 eye!
      But I didn't notice it before until I saw some of the recent sculpts by luts. Those sculpts have eyes that are véry close together, so I think the differences between these dolls and the f-29/31's are becoming more prominent.
    9. For what it's worth, quick & dirty photos from an F-31 owner:



      I've never thought of his eyes as particularly far apart, but I suppose I'm not exactly unbiased in the matter. =^^=;;
    10. The typical idealized proportion on an ordinary face has a single eye-width between the eyes so I don't find these heads to be jarringly odd. I find that the CP problem of eyes being too close together (because the eyes are proportionally too large) to be more disconcerting. Extremes of either can look disturbingly like genetic defects to me...:sweat
      And F-30 is next on my list! Woohoo!
    11. So at least it wasn't just me that thought this. ^_^0 I guess the angle of the view will change how it looks... and the best way to decide is to see one in person. Since I also have a fondness for the MSD f-13, my trip to Tenshi-no-Sato should reward me with at least one beautiful doll in the end!

      Thank you for your help, pictures, and opinions!
    12. I love these three molds! :D I agree with St.James, I think the eyes are actually pretty natural (I also have a similar problem with some of the CP molds.) I'm getting Mariisa as a F-31 Sunlight SD-13 Normal leg guy early next year, and I plan to get his son, Shair as a Sunlight F-29 SD-13 Long leg guy.

      I think you'd like any of the molds. :)

    13. Hmmm I finally have my F-31 sunlight elf boy....and looking at this face I don't find his eyes too far apart though I do agree with ST James...the newer CP heads have eyes that are a little freaky since they're so close together....maybe people think this because the eyes aren't quite as big as other dolls?
    14. All I can say is....that I was leaning towards a F-31 sunlight elf boy before the NYC Dolpa 2.

      Once I saw the choices in person....I ordered a F-31 sunlight elf boy....and he should be home within a month. :)

    15. personally, if you're not 100% sure about wether you like those moulds or not, I think you shouldn't take them... (ar at least, wait until you're really sure that you want them...)
      why ? because i bought a soulkid apple as my first BJD, thinking she had large roundish eyes, a cute round nose and nice bumpy cheeks (a bit disney-ish, whoch was what i was looking for...) and when i got her, for a moment i thought they'd send me the wrong doll !! (until i saw "apple" written in her head ! lol) conclusion : i didn't like that mould as much as i should have, and now... she's being sold !

      what i'm saying is, try not to buy dolls only based on photos, try to see them "for real" if it's possible : that'll help you decide if you like the mould or not, because photos can be misleading...
      AND i really think you should get a mould only if you love it 100%

      but that's only my opinion... then again you asked for our honnest opinions, so...

      (as for the "are the eyes far appart", i really don't know these moulds... and the question -if you ask me- shouldn't ba "are they too wide appart", but should be asked to yourself : "do those eyes feel to wide appart FOR ME"...)

      i'll stop blabbering now XD
      hope it helped a little O__o
    16. It did help~!

      It's rather frustrating that all of the Volks sculpts that I truly love sell for over $1000. Maybe I should just go to a Volks store first to see how I feel, and make sure I don't feel -obligated- to get a doll since I traveled that far.

      Truly, the one head I see no fault in that is easily available is the School A head. However... It's super hard to get a body separately, and usually it ends up costing more than FCS. Aaaand lack of sunlight skin. Can never be perfectly happy, neh? Then again, I wasn't completely happy with Tempest's white skin, but the expense of a tanned Lishe at the time and lack of ability to get a smaller busted body for the tanned skin helped me make my decision. And now I think she's the most beautiful thing under the sun.

      Perhaps I should attempt to get a School A head, order a FCS doll for the body, then sell the head?
    17. I didn't know Volks had a "real" store you could actually visit O_o

      well... if you reaaaally like the school-a head, then that would be a good option ^___^
      but you like the school-a head, but prefer another one, you're gonna have regrets sooner or later...
      unless you're planning to buy other bjd's in the future. But if it's going to be your only one, choose it reaaally carefully ^^
    18. oh, sorry, i just realised you already had a lishe !! *stupid me*
      hmm i guess you could go for the school-a head then ^___^
    19. I don't think that this problem is limited to these particular models. I find that Volks dolls in general have wide-set eyes, sometimes verging on wall-eyed. It takes some clever eye-setting skills to compensate at times.