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Volks has posted their IFDC Vegas report (with photos!)

Aug 9, 2005

    1. http://www.volks.co.jp/en/event/05ifdc/index.aspx

      ^_^ awesome! I love it when they post these reports (always with one of the volks dolls taking "tourist" photos... hehe!)

      on the next pages there are photos of some people we know here! cool!
    2. Loved seeing the pictures! It looks like it was so much fun. Wish I could have been there! I didn't realize what a beautiful doll Kohya is!
    3. :D ::squeals:: This is awesome!! Thank you so much for posting this!
    4. Is that Isebeau and PamSD on the last page?? I recognize A-M in the other picture with the big group of volks staff :chibi

      ...though the best part by far is the cute commentary about vegas and america :D:D:D
    5. That is nice that they included a photo of the BJD display table with the other dolls!
    6. WOAH!!! I see some of Sheri's dolls there! They're wearing the outfts I made...*glees for hours*
    7. That was so much fun seeing all the convention photos . . . thank you for sharing the link. :oops:
    8. I see Rose. :D
    9. *squeal of glee* Photos of Kohya! Nice photos of him in his default outfit, that's amazing! The show pictures are nice too... but I'm a wee bit partial to the opening with Kohya... wonder why?
    10. Wow, I just got sent the link and I feel so honored to be in the photo. (I'm in the second photo on the floor with my arm on the bed) The photo was taken at Sherri's Asian doll party which was a blast... All of Vegas was so much fun talking to Mikey, and Ken- the new translator, as well as meeting the LA store manager. He is working on his english and comes to LA in September for his driving license..
      Can't wait to see everyone again when the store opens in Torrence this fall...I know a group of NY SD fans will be there..We should have a pre meet up to re connect again.. It's been so long since I was at the Huntington Garden meet. Miss you all..and I'm sure you have some new "kids" to show and talk about.

      Rose in NY
    11. Hi Minda -

      sher waves at Minda!:lol:
      Yes - both MiniSD Mika and Tsubaki went with me to Las Vegas for IFDC. And in fact - they have been dressed in your gifts up until that point. I think they looked very sweet togther.


      in the picture - "A lot of Sd owners visit the "Beauty Salon" I am peeking over Vicki's (crashvicki) shoulder! The Beauty Salon was wonderful. Mr. Ii was very nice and patient!

      best wishes-
    12. Oh my god, what a surprise I am in one of the pics, I am the girl with the blue poncho on the sd maintenence table, and the guy from volks in holding my shiro doll. I see you on the same pic Sherry

    13. Looks amazing to be there :cry: moo
    14. :) I was there too.. I was bidding on the live auction Volks dolls. I left off at 2600.. ok ok..it was for charity I kept telling myself. Now that I'm home..I think I'm glad I didn't win..:)
    15. Huh? Counseling sevice? x3 Do they mean advice, or.. x3

      It's nice seeing the pictures! Everyone looks very pretty.