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Volks - How Limited is Limted??

Nov 15, 2005

    1. I know that Volks doesn't usually released information about the prodution numbers on their LE's
      But I am wondering if anyone on the board has some info.
      I read somewhere that Sakaki was LE 100 but I am not sure.
      Does anyone has info on any Limited editon doll from volks?

    2. i have ushiwakamaru and i heard he's limited 100 :D

      domuya has one last one left.... :D
    3. I remember reading at the time that Chii was limited to 200, but that was on old Volks pages that are probably not around anymore.

      If I recall correctly, Momoko was limited to 101 - 100 were sold, and the 0th doll was given to the actress who played the character in the movie.

    4. Oh cool!!
      Thank you guys!!!
      I will love to know if anyone has info on other dolls.

    5. i think volks does limited differently now, now they have X number you can buy, and then take pre-orders for everyone else who wants to buy, at that specific event.

      i don't know a whole lot about this, it is just my understanding from reading things on doa.
    6. The first 3 tenshi were limited to 1000 each. I'm not sure about your Sakaki. But, I guess he's the same as the previous dolls.....don't know though.

      Sasha is 200 limit.
    7. Someone on this board has a Sakaki LE248, so there's definitely more than 100 made.

      I heard Isao2 had a 100 doll limit, but I can't remember if that was for both the Japanese and Western market.
    8. Does anyone know how limited SD Ria was? Thanks!
    9. I konw the second Isao was 100, I am not sure about the first edition.

    10. Interesting thread... My feelings/thoughts exactly since the Volks English site doesn't tell you up to how much you can purchase of a doll...
      Say how can you tell if there is still some of the LEs left?
      *is wishing and hoping for a Magical Michael... Or just about any Michael right now*
    11. Put the item in your cart, when you checkout it will say whether or not it's in stock..this method works on several of the Japanese sites I've been on, and even if it's in all Japanese and you can't read it, you can usually infer when it says 'sold out' ;_;
    12. Sankyuu. I did just that... Thanks majorly.
    13. It doesn't work with Volks site. It only lets you add one doll to the shopping cart for the same type of doll.
      That method you are talking about works for the Korean sites
    14. Hmm I loaded one of Michael on the cart then went back... It goes: Sorry this item is already sold out and checked my cart. It was right there.

      Now that I'm back. I DCd for a while and checked if it was still there. Not anymore. My data for the cart thingy got erased and I think someone got to him first. I wanna cry now. :crushed

      I suppose I'll have to start starving I mean saving up for the one in Volks USA and hopefully ask someone to get it for me or something.