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Volks in Cool Kyoto 2011 - Limited Doll "Megu and Komame"

Sep 20, 2011

    1. http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/event/1110coolkyoto/index.html

      Volks will have a special booth at "Cool Kyoto 2011".

      Day: 2011.10.21(Fri) ~ 23(Sun)
      Time: 11:00 ~ 19:00
      Place: akasaka Sacas (Tokyo) http://sacas.net/

      *10.21(Fri) "Volks DAY" ~ HS Kyoto & Zoukeimura ~
      (1)What's VOLKS INC
      (2)VS card campaign (usually 1,050 yen for 1 year but 500 yen for 1 year)
      (3)The new book "スーパードルフィー☆入門書"
      (4)Gara-Gara (= rattling lottery?) 500 yen / 1 chance

      *10.22(Sat) "Tenshi-no-Sumika Day"
      (1)Dollfie Model Audition
      (2)Dollfie Auction (from 11:00, the winners will be announced at 13:30)
      (3)Komame Mini Tenraijin 1,000 yen / 1 chance (50 people only)

      *10.23(Sun) "SD Onwers Gathering in akasaka Sacas"
      (1)SD Gara-Gara Special Ver. 1,000 yen / 1 chance (100 people only)
      (2)Komame Mini Tenraijin 1,000yen / 1 chance (50 people only)
      (3)BINGO for the festival of Dolpa Kyoto 9 (2012) 500 yen (for 1 BINGO card)
      (4)Limited Doll Set "Megu and Komame" (300 sets only)

      Yo-SD Megu & Komame & The outfits in the pictures.
      48,300 yen

    2. [​IMG]

      *How to get "Megu and Komame"?

      The quantity of "Megu and Komame" is 300. (from Volks News Vol.45 P.75)
      This set is sold by the lottery at this event.
      The quantity of the lottery is 800. 800 people can try the lottery. 300 of 800 are reserved for "first come first try", and 500 of 800 are reserved for VS/VIP members. To try this lottery, VS/VIP members have to bring the ticket (the upper part of this pic), the members card of VS/VIP and ID.
      The numbered ticket will be given out from AM 9:00 of 23rd, at akasaka Sacas (Tokyo).
      Unfortunately, 500 of 800 people cannot buy "Megu and Komame", when they got the bad number (over 301).

    3. I'm a little confused, can we only enter the lottery at the event, or will there be somewhere online?
    4. We can only enter the lottery at the event.
    5. Is it a new face up, please Ria :) ! ?
    6. Sorry , here is the news forum, ><
      So I create the discussion Volks news 45 .

      Keep the link and delete my post, really sorry, ><
    7. Yes. This Megu seems to have teeth. (Not looks "white" but looks slightly lighter than lip colour.)
      Her lips are painted like "bee-stung" and have a lot of gloss. ^_^

      Yes. You can be 1 of 500 and your friend can be 1 of 300. If you try the lottery, I highly recommend you to reach the line for the lottery from very early morning though. >o<; (Because Volks events always get the long line quickly as you already know.)
    8. How do you just purchase the Volks Komame? Thank you in advance.
    9. Komame is a set with Megu and you must be at the event to order.
    10. Sorry for the really stupid question, but this event is called Cool Kyoto, but it is actually being held in Tokyo, right? I only ask because I'm in Kyoto for a while and, well, it would be nice to go to an event.

      The Friday event looks like it could be in Kyoto... so could you clarify for little ol' idiot me? Thank you in advance for any answer and all your patience!
    11. "Cool Kyoto 2011" is an event that assembles a lot of things made in Kyoto to focus attention on Kyoto. Volks will have their booth at akasaka Sakas from Friday to Sunday. There is no event in Kyoto while it is held. I hope I could explain this event by this.
    12. I'm actually glad that I can't go there. Megu is so incredibly cute, I fear I couldn't resist.