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Volks in europe

Sep 2, 2007

    1. I just wanted to know if the rumour I heard was true?

      I forget where I saw it now, but i've heard that volks are looking to open a europe store.

      I can't remember where the location they were looking into was either.

      Is it true? Does anyone know? How soon?

      I really want a volks store i can visit, and a trip over the channel isn't too much trouble......
    2. I recall that rumor being Germany. (Seeing as they make alot of dolls and all I guess) But it's not definate yet.
    3. Fantastic! Thanks.

      Does anyone know anymore?
    4. Wow, that would be awesome! :D Where did you guys hear those rumours? Only thing i remember is the petition that were signed in hope that Volks would open a store here in Europe. (I think it'd only be fair for Volks to open a store here in Europe though!)

    5. I have no idea where i heard it. I forget things easially.
      I didn't know about the petition though.

      All things considered europe is a good place, collectivly we're several times larger than the USA. Russia alone is probably three times bigger......And europe is the home of dolls.
    6. Well youd think it would make marketing sense as well..as you say Europe combined is a huge marketplace x Hope on hope it goes ahead...just think..no mre customs charges!!!!!!!:lol:
    7. That would be great! I could Order a FCS doll, go back home, and drive back when it's done! I mean, because I live in the Netherlands, that would be easy, wouldn't it?
    8. that's true! It was me talking to them at the last two toy fairs in Nuremberg. I try to meet them at the next toy fair too. I hope they will be here again! The volks employee were so nice and told a lot about the company, dolpas and stuff. They were very pleased to see that I brought my SD Sara with me and took photos of her and me together. Well that was at the first time we meet each other. The last time I didn't bring her but they took photos again of me and my boyfriend in front of their dolls.

      The one I talked to told me that they're still planing to open a shop but at first they want a reseller. Some other person (not from volks) told me that you have to spend at least 15.000 Euro and you could not choose the stuff you're selling. That's kind of hard if you're just having a small shop.

      I almost forgot: The volks employee told me that volks is very slow with making decision and it could take some time until a shop opens. I told him how many of us would be very happy. He said he would tell it to the manager of volks.

      It's already 1,5 years since volks try to open a shop or find a reseller of their products. Hopefully they will find a place soon... I would love to help them but I don't know how... :(
    9. Thank you Suzu!! That's exactly the info I was looking for.

      It's a shame volks take so long though.
    10. When I remembered right volks is a bit afraid because of the formalities and all the stuff you have to do when you open a store in another country. For LA they needed a lot of time too after they decided to open an US volks shop.

      I would be so happy if the store opens in germany but this would mean I would be broke till I will give up this hobby!

      do anybody know if volks plan to attend the next toy fair?
    11. If Volks open a shop in Germany (and i wish it would be in Berlin- love that city more than anything <3) then it means i could go get my dream F-16!!!

      But i understand that it's difficult for them to open a store in a country outside of Japan... However, i hope they will get around to do it sooner or later (hopefully sooner than later!)
    12. I wish it wasn't only a rumour.
      It'd be mad to go down there and buy a doll this year. *lol*
      I guess its not new to keep only just missing out on these events. X3
    13. I would go crazy if the store opens in nuremburg! I am once a week there because of my favourite comic/manga/anime store. wouldn't it be great to see a volks shop near the castle or the romantic christmas market (christkindles markt). all the lights in the christmas time and the volks doll in the middle of them... :fangirl:
    14. Wow, this would be so great! I would love to see my dream doll in the fleash before I bought her (I heard a rumour that Mimi doesn't photograph well).

      That's such a lovely image with the Christmas market! I hope it's true! I need no excuses to go to Germany because I'm often at punk gigs there anyway.
    15. I hope they will open the shop in germany. Well I will ask them next time I meet them on toy fair! ^^
    16. I hope this becomes true!!! I live in Portugal, but Germany would be great for me!
      No more stupid customs, and finally I could get my dream dolls :)
    17. There is a Volks dealer in Spain. She sells them through her website but I can't remember the name :sweat

      I'd love to see a Volks shop in europe, I'm not sure how easy it would be for me to get to Germany though...
    18. Kuroraka-chan: I was once on a flight from Cologne to London that took about 45 minutes to get there ^-^ - spent more time checking in and out than on the plane actually.
    19. I've never been to Germany but I'd love to go sometime.
      Seems rather fitting for them to open a shop there since Volks is a German word :)
    20. It would be fantastic if they did open a European shop. Hey, open it in England, I'll work there ;)