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Volks Interview::How it went

Oct 19, 2005

    1. All in all I came away with a very positive feeling about the whole experience.

      I didn't really know what to expect but I definitely wasn't expecting going in to see 5 people in the room!

      It turns out that the 5 people were Mr. Shigeta (!the President of Volks! :barf ), his wife, a man who will be the manager of Volks USA, the man who runs the Volks website, and the translator Shino Shigeta (who I believe is Mr. and Mrs. Shigeta's daughter from the familiarity with which they adressed her.)
      I just about had a mini coronary at that moment but I got through him going through the employee handbook/company timeline and it was Mrs. Shigeta's turn to ask me questions. Well I had brought Kellen with me, safely sequestered in a carry bag. I had set him under my chair when I first came in and the first thing she said was "I see you brought your Super Dollfie?" (translated of course by Shino) and I told her yes and she asked to see him! I was sort of nervous about them seeing Kellen. My hands shook as I opened the bag and Mrs. Shigeta had to help me with the zipper *_* but I finally got him out. She oohed and awed over him and asked me questions about him and his clothes and his faceup. That really seemed to break the ice. Things had seemed so official before and after that they became a bit more comfortable. Mrs. Shigeta mainly asked me questions about my hobbies, specifically Super Dollfie and how I was involved in the community. She asked if I was a part of Den of Angels and I said yes I was.

      To be honest I don't remember some of the questions and I don't want to bore you with the more official ones. If you have ever had a job interview before you have probably answered similar ones.

      They asked me about my homestay in Japan and about cosplay in America. I mentioned that I cosplayed when they asked what sort of websites I had managed. They wanted to see pictures! But I told them sadly I didn't have any with me. (I sent them some last night :grin: )

      After the interview Shino and Mr's Shigeta came over to look at Kellen again. I love how much they love their dolls! Shino said he was "cool" so I said yes he is very cool, that's his personality. I told him that he was a vampire and they laughed but not in a mean way and they thought it was interesting. They seemed so impressed with his faceup and his pants! I couldn't do much but blush. We talked about how Kellen was inspired by Interview with the Vampire and Shino said she likes Brad Pitt so I said I liked Tom Cruise and we laughed some more! Mr. Shigeta was standing over to the side with a kind and sort of indulgent smile on his face. He seems so nice! We did not speak directly but I could tell that even though he is very involved with his business he has a kind manner and a genuine love for what he does. He has plans for his company laid out for the next 30 years!

      I was just so impressed by how much he cares about his company! It is so unusual for the higher ups in a company to take that much interest in their employees here.

      So like I said I had a good feeling about the whole encounter and I can honestly say that I enjoyed the interview a lot. I just came out of it with the most positive feeling.

      If I don't get anything else out of it I can at least say that the President of Volks personally served me coffee. :D
    2. I know what you mean! It is a shock to see that the president of such a large company is such a personable and caring guy. He really believes in Volks and is happy with Super Dollfie! I'm so glad to hear that your interview went so well! I can imagine your surprise at seeing all those people unexpectedly! I was very suprised to meet them too.
      I really hope you get the job, I'm so glad to hear that the interview went well. It sounds like you'd be a really great candidate, and I know it would be a great job as well.
      Kellen really is a nice doll too :p

    3. sweet.
      it definatly sounds more then just a sales-person job. good luck!
    4. Thank you! It was a shock! But a pleasant one. I really hope I get the job. From what they were describing I would be doing all sorts of stuff! I could be packing you guys' orders in the new future!
    5. Ahhh, Bailey, that's _so_ cool! (I'm sure Kellen was tickled pink to meet his "grandparents"? ^___^ )
    6. When you make a doll, give it away, and see someone else love it... it's a wonderful wonderful feeling. Sort of like what I'd imagine a grandparent to feel. :3 I'm so glad you had a good time!
    7. That's so cool !!!! Is that means you get the job?
      I am so envy of you , cos you can have such wonderful experience !!!
    8. Ah thank you :grin: I don;t hve the job yet. Hopefully they will contact me on their decision later in the week.
    9. ahh omg bailey you are soo lucky! eek he served you coffee :o a
      ww they loved bailey =)
      i hope you get the job! good luck *crosses fingers, toes, legs, arms..) :daisy
    10. That sounds wonderful :) Here's to hoping you get it! (And what a change that will be -- moving halfway across the country on such short notice)
    11. Almost all the way! That is the biggest detraction to me getting this job...but I'll do it if I get it. I really like my state but to be honest I don't feel like it's the right place for me and I haven't for a long time. Getting this job would only speed along the process.
    12. Wow, that sounds great :D I really hope you get the job ^-^
    13. That is so cool *crosss fingers* Hope you get the job!
    14. I've been really wondering how the interwiew went, thanks for sharing! What a fascinating and heartstopping excpeience...

      You really do sound like a perfect candidate, and just what Volks ought to be looking for. I really hope you'll get the job! :daisy
    15. Fingers crossed for you! And it's not everyday you meet the company's president during an interview :o it shows how much he cares and wants to be involved in the project.
    16. ^_^ Those (mostly) were the people that I met in Japan when I went... I had the exact same feeling as you. I was surprised and overwhelmed by how friendly and kind and generous the President and the others were. I'll never forget going and how nice they were to me!

      I hope that the President will be at the opening, that would be so wonderful, because I'm sure he would say something really kind.
    17. You gooooooooooooooooooooo Bailey!! >W<!!!!!
    18. Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement once again! The perfect candidate? :chibi I don't know what to say :oops: I am sure that there is someone out there better qualified, but I hope I get it anyway :wink:

      Wow...so many emoticons.

      From how excited they seem to be about the opening I wouldn't be surprised if they were there! The President seems to be very involved with the opening of his new store, just like he is with all the other aspects of his company.
    19. Oh that is so wonderful! Man, I know I would have had trouble with the zipper of my carrier--but that would have been because my hands would have been shaking like mad! It must have been quite the shock but a fab experience I'm sure. :) Here's to hoping you get the job!!!
    20. WOW! Wonderful experience *______________________________*
      They sound really nice ^^