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Volks is coming to Los Angeles, CA

May 27, 2005

    1. Their English home page says:

      VOLKS SHOP is coming soon
      in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

      The detail is to be announced later.
      Please keep visiting our web site.
      We are looking forward to seeing you soon in the USA.

      Does anyone know anything about it?

      (In my excitement I needed to edit this 3 times!)
    2. :o Oh Wow!!!! You lucky person!!! You are in LA!!!!!!! Well, I think we are all lucky!!! That will hopefully mean a little less shipping cost........ or maybe not. I hope so!!!!

      Thanks for posting!

    3. Yay! This is great, it just totally brightened up my day.
    4. Yay, that's right where my dad lives, who I visit multiple times a year. Go Volks. :grin:
    5. Awesome, I can't wait! I love living in L.A. XD
    6. Score! It's only 600 miles south of me! More possible than Japan :D
    7. Yay! Volks only a 45 minute drive! How wonderful!!! :D
    8. Awesome. i go to LA 2 times a year....im so excited :)
    9. I'm in Arizona so that's not too far away. :wink: I'm sure I'll be taking a roadtrip as soon as they open up.
    10. Total road trip.

      A fun, silly adventure for this Bay Area-ite. Very doable.


      D'ya suppose there will be FCS?
    11. If there is I am TOTALLY going down there. We should go togeather *also in the Bay Area*
    12. Yeeees!!

      This is exciting news :grin:
    13. Arrrgh, I can't stand LA (as a place, no offense to you guys who live there). XD If only they could have gone a bit north...

      Ah well. I'll have to check it out sometime. How exciting!
    14. An 'Argh' in advance for everyone on the East Coast. XP Yet another reason to leave this dead-end state and go home. I can't stand SoCal though. T_T Too hot, shoulda been in SF('Specially since if I went back, it'd be back to NorCal where I'm from...Which itself is too hot in summer). XP

      We need a CP store in New York now. XD

      But like another person said, maybe if things can be shipped from THERE, or there's FCS available there, it won't be as painful when I eventually break down and get a Volks doll. >_>

      So... Yay?
    15. I wonder if they will ship to the UK ??
      :daisy (she says hopeing one day they will release the tiny angels )
    16. LA... it figures.
      I CAN'T easily bop on down to LA, even if I live in CA.
      I have a family and a very busy job.
    17. ......... **starts planning bus routes to LA from Seattle** Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.......

      Darryl: Hey! We could meet Caro!!!

      Talon: Er...meet? That's an interesting way of putting it....

      Darryl: Get your mind out of the gutter, smuggler.
    18. :D
      Sucks that they're way the hell across the country, but I've got relations there, and Mom's probably going to want to go for second dan [black belt; we have to go to Cali to do it]. I hope they make FCS available here!
    19. On the hopeful side, does this mean that Volks is going to get their act together soon and actually have something for the USA store to have IN STOCK??

      Their website is woefully out of stock on way too much (very unusual for a company that has been trying to heavily promote itself at international shows), and a friend who visited Japan recently said that all the stores carrrying Volks SD/SD13 items were also out of stock on too many of their SD/SD13 "accessory" items; particularly clothes, shoes, 18mm eyes, elastic, tools...
    20. Living twenty minutes from L.A. just got a whole lot more expensive. *falls over*