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Volks Japan Web Pg:Hometown Dolls Party KYOTO 4 - Ltd Items ON SALE April 01, 2006

Apr 1, 2006

    1. NOTE: Sale has already begun! Based on Japanese time and date, starting April 1, 2006 at 10 am.

      Volks Japan Home Page: http://www.volks.co.jp/en/index.aspx

      Home town Dolls Party KYOTO 4 After Event Schedule

      Start : April, 1, 2006 10:00 a.m. (Japanese time)

      End: April 2, 2006

      Place: Volks Showroom(Japan), Tenshi-no-Sumika(Japan), Tenshi-no-Sato, Volks Website(Japan)
      Website timetable for Home town Dolpa KYOTO 4 After Event
      April 1, 2006 10:00 Start

      * Super Dollfie 13 Boy - Tony
      * Mini Super Dollfie Girl - Midori
      * Mini Super Dollfie Boy - Manabu
      * Chibi Dress
      * White Rose Collection
      * La Personal Collection (Hakama set ONLY)
      * V-JeanS

      April 1, 2006 11:00 Start

      * Der Ring Des Nieberungen - Ryundel
      * Lost Angels Story Boys - Kuniyoshi Kuroda
      * Lost Angels Story Girls - Setsuna Towa
      * Lost Angels Story - Cypress

      April 1, 2006 13:00 Start

      * La Personal Collection
      * La Personal Collection Black Label
      * La Personal Collection Pink Label
      * Dollfei Dream China Dress Set
      * Lingerie Box
      * Hair Wigs
      * Shoes BOUTIQUE
      * Dollfie Stand for Yo-SD
    2. Hello!
      I was just wondering if anyone was successful at buying anything on the after event?

      BTW, it appears orders are still being accepted.
    3. Liz,
      I just checked Volks' web page and found that the sale appears to still be accepting orders.

      While I love Tony anyway, it makes me wonder what Volks is doing--part of my choosing him is that he was a Dolpa doll. But if Volks can still sell him after the actual event, then again on the web Dolpa/lottery, and now the Dolpa after event--either Tony wasn't popular or Volks made too many. Which reminds me of Barbie doll in the late 90's when Mattel mfg WAY TOO many which turned off many collectors.

      I'm interested to hear your (and everyone else's) opinion.
      Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation? I am rather new to BJDs... and I'm still learning (eager to learn, too) :)

    4. I'm not sure, perhaps Volks misjudged how popular he'd be? I did notice that Emma from Dollpa 14 last year was in hardly any the photos I've seen of the displays at Kyoto, and there's still quite a few available of her on the Volks international site.

    5. Yes, I was successful - put in an order on April 1st (in the afternoon PST) and guess what? I recieved my order already!!! They were sold out on a few outfits but I mostly got what I wanted including a LE bjd. Alex
    6. It's what they do with all limiteds now, and sometimes all the people who wanted them got them before so maybe there are a couple left over. But basically I think Volks wants anybody who wants one to have a chance at it.
    7. All new Dolpa LEs, with the exception of a few extremely limited dolls such as SD Shinku, are now sold in this way (i.e., with a chance for international customers at the lottery, and a second chance at the physical and online After Event). Sometimes, if a sculpt is not particularly popular, it will even be sold in-store after the After Event (e.g. Magical Michael).

      I think they did this in response to wanting to let as many people as possible (who want a particular sculpt) get the doll directly from them. If this was indeed their motivation, it seems that the main draw of an LE doll is not its collectability, but its limited sculpt for the purposes of customisation (the main thrust of Super Dollfie). This is backed up by the fact that the vast number of LE dolls are customised, not kept mint and pristine and collector-quality. (Of course, there are collectors who do keep their LEs mint, they are just vastly rarer).

      A side-effect of this practice is that more dolls of any one particular LE are produced now, in anticipation of the AE, and when the sculpt is less popular, it will take longer to sell out (the popular sculpts still sell out really quickly). (which seems to hint that Volks does have a set number it produces of each version of each LE, it just doesn't tell us what that number is).
    8. Waa, does anyone have any estimate of how long he'll be sold like this? >__> I don't care if he's less limited than other dolpa limiteds XD Or whatever.

      I definitely won't have nearly enough for him for a while >__> Is he likely to be sold off before the end of April? May? Beyond? XD *is clueless about limiteds*
    9. Volks have two different symbols on their website for "in stock" - an oval for "lots" and a triangle for "a few". On the international site, Tony is showing a triangle, so presumably there is only a few left. However, VolksUSA may very well have a second lottery for the Kyoto 4 limiteds, like they did with the Dollpa 14 limiteds, after cancellations etc., in a couple of months.

    10. Ooooh, thanks :D I'll keep that in mind.