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Volks LA Sumika FCS Update

Dec 2, 2007

    1. Hi, everyone.

      I just learned that Volks USA is now offering the following FCS heads, which were Sato only:

      For SD: F-13, F-14, F-25, F-28

      For MSD: F-6, F-18

      Volks USA is also now offering KIPS, the MSD Suwarikko body, the welcoming outfits, and 18/9mm eyes for their Full Choice System. I hope that this post is appropriate, since I know of several members who wanted more info about the heads at Volks USA.
    2. Do they offer suntan in the usa also?
    3. They only offer normal and white skin. However, during the summer, they do offer suntan skin. ;)
    4. There has been no news of suntan skin at the LA Sumika.

      Don't count on Volks releasing tanskin at the Los Angeles store every summer. I don't recall them making that statement, so I don't see any correlation between suntan skin and the summer season.

      They have only offered suntan skin twice in the past: once right after the August tea party in Los Angeles for a few months [in Fall and NOT in the Summer] then once again this past summer until Sept 2007.