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Volks LE Lottery - Any winners yet?

Jan 7, 2006

    1. This suspense is killing me!
      Has anyone gotten an email from VOLKS about the Dolpa 14 LE Lottery Dolls? I rememeber reading that the winning emails would go out the 1st week of January.
    2. I remember it being the 8th of Jan. when winners would be notified.
    3. Please be aware that it's really rare for these things to be completed on time. In my experience with Japanese lotteries, they can take anywhere from a few days to a week longer than they expect to get it done. So... counting the hours might not be a good idea. ~_^

      Collecting dolls has done wonders with helping my patience. Deeeeeep breaaaaaath: aaaaaaaaah.... reeeeelaaaaaaax.... We'll know when we know. ^_^

      H (who is waiting too)
    4. Well, Volks site says the beginning of January... which if you split the month in half is about through the 15th. Eh heh. So I'm not counting until at least after my bday. (The 18th.) Like Ian said, the better to save my pennies.
    5. Considering the after event is the 21st I really hope they give us answers long before then because if I don't get Hewitt in this lottery I have to prepare to find other ways of getting him. Plus I'm really impatient to know! So I hope they answer us this weekend.
    6. My guess it will be on Sunday. Although the announcement comes out of Japan not the LA store, correct?

      Has anyone done a lottery like this before and won? Do they give you 24 hours to pay, 48 hours to pay or more???
    7. Notification is "supposed" to be on the 8th, Japan time.
      And I think we have till sometime in February to pay, according to the original posts (not sure exactly when, though).
    8. This is what it says on the volks website:

      It's a bit vague...but the emails should be arriving soon. Maybe this week.
    9. I believe Monday the 9th is a holiday in Japan. Also, while Volks branches weren't closed the whole time, a lot of businesses in Japan close the 31-3, so thing might be a bit delayed coming off the New Years holiday as well.
    10. So true! I remember entering the lottery for Kohya - and not hearing anything by the sceduled date - so I ended up ordering from Doll and Hobby - only to then get my confirmation from Volks. ^^;; I think they spread the lottery winners over several days, that time.
    11. Looking at Beckers post and the application instructions on their site, it seems to me that they changed the wording at some point. I know that it said January 8th, but now that's gone. Not terribly legal to change it, since you all had to click "I Agree" like you were entering into a contract. I've got my fingers crossed for all of you, but I'm glad that I'm not playing their game.
    12. I don't remember the 8th being listed anywhere on the Volks site - I thought it was just Bailey who said that we could expect to have heard by then.

      Well, alas, nothing to be done but compulsively check email, lol. @_@
    13. Do you have to put it quite like that? That's a strong accusation. I mean, I'm on tenterhooks, too, but I think it's too soon and we don't have enough info about what's happening to say "hey, they suck!"

      On the website, it says that people will be notified by the 2nd week of January. Last time I checked my calendar, we were only halfway through said second week of January. There's still two days left. Also, if you're that concerned, it's not like they're unavailable. You can e-mail, or even call the Torrance Volks store if it's that big of an issue.

      If they delay notifications, you can always try to get him during the online after event, and if you get him then AND win the lottery, give up the chance to buy your lottery doll to someone else.

      At the actual, physical Dolpa in December, there are two lines you can queue for: a pre-order for your desired doll, where you're guaranteed to get the doll but it can take several months for you to receive him; or the lottery for the after-event, where you get a ticket for a chance to get the doll at the event. The pre-order is guaranteed but takes longer; the after event is uncertain but instant gratification.

      This time they actually opened a website lottery for people unable to attend the event, which is very unusual, and the first of its kind! It's like a third option, a lottery pre-order. So I think it's worth it to give Volks a little bit of patience while they work out the kinks of this system.

      If we all flooded Volks with angry e-mails about how we wanted our confirmation yesterday, they would probably think twice before offering an online lottery again.
    14. At the Dollpa there are in fact a number of limited dolls on hand but its a matter of first in first served, once they have run out the remaining people in the limited line have the chance to order the limiteds instead, I believe they're delivered around 2-3 months later.

      It is possible to enter the main Dollpa dealer hall after queueing for limiteds but as you'll more than likely be waiting quite a long time in the limited queue when you actually get to the main hall most of the good dealers will have sold all their stock.
    15. Speaking as someone who attened the December Dolpa in person, that's not true at all. ^^;;

      There are 3 lines at Dolpa, one for the dealer's room, one for the Sumika and one for the LEs.

      After standing in line for at least an hour people picked lottery numbers. We then stood in our assigned place until 10:00 when the LEs went on sale. Those lucky enough to have a good lottery # got their dolls there. There were no pre-orders for the Rozen Maiden. The rest of us waited for our turn to see if there would still be Pre-Order slots available. There are a limited # of Pre-Order slots and just because you go to Dolpa at 7 am does not guarantee you a doll that day, let alone a Pre-Order spot.

      I had a bad #. I waited until 11:00 and there were still a good 100-200 people in front of me and all the LEs but Emma had sold out before I left the line. There are no guarantees even had I stayed on there would have been a Pre-Order left.

      Fortunately, a kind person I had met at Sato took pity on me and got a reservation slip for me and I got my Yo!Anne.

      In regards to this lottery, I think people just need to be patient. ^^;
    16. No problem. :) Dolpas actually change the queuing rules from one Dolpa to another sometimes.

      It's really really unfun waiting on line for Dolpa and unless you get a good # you could wait in line for literally hours and not get anything at all and miss most of the dealer's room as well ^^;;

      But I agree, a definite Pre-Order is better than trying to fight to get a doll in a AE to me as well.

      Well, depends on what you wanted. lol To get a Rozen Maiden you prob needed a number below 200 or 300. The order the dolls sold out was: Rozen Maiden, Yukinojo, Hewitt, Anne, and then Piccolo. (As I said before when I left the line at 11, Emma was still available. I don't remember what non-resin dollfies were available.)

      A good number was prob anything below 600 or so, it varied by what LE you wanted, maybe as high as 800. The lines jumbled together and it was impossible to know what number they were on. I was #2221. There were spaces for 4400 and people to wait I believe.

      Yes, if you get a bad # you can leave the line to go to the Sumika or Dealer's Room line I believe. Though one warning, people will have already started lines for the Sumika and the Dealer's Room and the lines will be rather long by 9:00 when you get your lottery #. There were at least 50-100 people waiting in the Sumika line when I got to Dolpa at 7:15 to join the LE line. The non-LE lines are not lottery, they're first come first served.

      You have to pay attention as all announcements on what has sold out are in Japanese and I found hard to hear. I had waited from 10-11 before all the LEs I had been interested in sold out, then I left the line and went to the Dealer's room. As I said, I got lucky and a kind person I met at Sato got me a voucher so I got my Yo afterall.

      One plus of getting your doll at Dolpa itself is no sales tax. ;)

      There are no guarantees no matter how early you get there that you will get a LE.
    17. I'm 99% sure that Volks did state we'd be notified by the 8th. I never read any post from Bailey on the subject, so it's not possible that I got it there. Of course it doesn't really matter at this point, I spose.

      It's extremely frustrating for me, since I'm planning to sell the body of one doll if I win it, and I need to buy a replacement body (which there happens to be available in the marketplace)... but I'm not going to buy it if I don't know whether or not I'll get the head! Argh!
    18. At this point, I can't be sure of what the original statement on the Volks USA site was either, but it does seem to have changed.

      We weren't entering a lottery. The understanding was that we were buying a doll but if there weren't enough dolls for the number of purchasers then our names would be entered in a lottery.

      We were asked to read and click on an agreement, which looked like a contract and seemed to imply that it was binding on both sides. Perhaps the wording wasn't very well thought out and it was later changed. Certainly many of us believed that we would know by the 8th if we were getting a doll and that we had agreed to pay for it within a certain time period (something like 7 days).

      That's how I remember it - I sure wish I had printed that agreement but it was Christmas and it didn't seem that important at the time. I think some of us would just like to know how long we need to keep these funds set aside.

    19. I just got my email for my Yukinojo!! So watch for those emails!!!!