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Volks Limited Edition re-release SD13 Girl Shizu availible through FDQ website.

Jul 2, 2009

    1. Hey just thought I'd drop a note here saying that there is a Volks limited editon avalible though the FDQ website. I checked and didn't see anything but if someone has already posted about it, feel free to delete this. From what I can tell you from reading the order form, you don't have to be a subscriber (it dosn't ask anywhere) to buy her.

      SD13 Girl Shizu, Kimono Version
      She comes in 3 different styles dark, medium, and light.

      (click the banner with the BJD up top to get to the order form.)
    2. I can't get the order form to work - anyone have any ideas?
    3. Maybe it's only me, but I wouldn't trust on this, it seems like a fake or scam to me. If Volks were to sell some OneOff, they would have put news on their website or something...
      Very suspicious...*_*
    4. No, it's legitimate. It was supposed to be for Dolpa in New York this month, but it got postponed due to the swine flu. FDQ said that they would still go forth with the Volks doll, though. A lot of us have been waiting impatiently for the announcement of which doll it would be, and I'm beyond thrilled it's this one.
    5. it is in the discussion news/chat for the NY Dolpa here. A number of us have already put our orders in. Volks gives FDQ an exclusive each year for the NY Dolpa as the event is hosted by FDQ. Even though the Dolpa has been postponed, Volks USA posted weeks ago in their NYDolpa 4 section, that the limited Doll will be available through FDQ.
    6. Just email them with the info. that the order form asks for. That is what I did and Pat at FDQ got my order!
      Good luck!:)
    7. It's completely legitimate and they are almost sold out. So if you want one, you need to print out the form and email it. However the form says.
    8. Thank you for the advice Hunny and Mercy! Pat e-mailed me back and confirmed my order. I do think that they are almost sold out, so anyone wants one, they'd better hurry.
    9. She's only available for US customers isn't it?
    10. I just found out this morning and have sent mail to them as soon as I can. Haven't got a reply yet, wonder if they are close for 7/4?
      Also, Just wondering if that's member of FDQ only?

    11. As the application says, you have to be a subscriber, but that is easily rectified by buying a subscription.

      Edited: whether they are open or not, Pat is good about keeping things in "time" so that if yours came before others, you will get the doll. I think that's the important thing. You'll hear from her her as soon as she has the time. I doubt it if she'll be around on July 4th. You know, everyone needs their weekends off. You know what I mean. ;) But hey, no rest for the wicked or the editors.

      This, I am not sure, but I think so. Email Pat and ask.
    12. Hi~

      Thanks for the note. I got her reply this morning. I have just order subscription for a year~and I got my Shizu! :aheartbea
      Can't wait to get her~
    13. I tried to order through their order form but doesn't seem to work.
      can't type in my information. how did you do it?
    14. Just send them an e-mail with all the same information on it. That's what I did, and Pat e-mailed me back with a confirmation around 1 hour later.

    15. is there any additional photos of shizu? even though it's sold out i would still like to see what pictures they have posted. i wasn't able to see before and i can't really see anything now except for that banner.
    16. I have an old blog post with the photos here.