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Volks made an SD Black Freya Chii for Dolpa 14!

Jan 15, 2006

    1. I was checking out the Dolls part 14 after report pictures, and there's a Black Freya Chii SD standing on the table! She's in the far left of the picture.


      *dies* And she's BLONDE!!!

      Why isn't she available? I wonder what lucky person got her. Drool drool drool want want want

      If she ever comes up on YJ I'll just die.
    2. Well, I suppose she could be a 27cm doll since that's what the sign says, but she looks like an SD. I still want her, though. That would be the COOLEST little doll ever if she is only like, 10 inches or so.

      eee eee eee
    3. lol all go email volks and ask them.... :D

      oh well i think she looks absoultely nice :D
    4. She looks awfully tall for a 27cm doll unless that's one tiny table.

      ?: Why would Freya not be blonde?
    5. I totally already emailed Volks, so I'll tell you what they say. If they reply...sigh.

      My SD Chii has grey hair, so I was surprised they made this Freya blonde, is all. I love it and I think its better than grey.

      And yeah, she looks totally tall! I bet she IS and SD! :-D joy
    6. The influence of the manga (silver hair) and the anime (blond), perhaps?
    7. Love love the anime blonde. :)
    8. I don't think she is an official Volks release, but maybe an owner modification that was entered into a contest. I know Volks sometimes holds those at Dolpas.
    9. ooo it does look like freya doesnt it? *claws at volks for more pictures*
    10. Oh, damn it all. Volks should label their pictures and just save us all the suspense and teasing.

      They emailed me back and said, "Regarding your question about the picture you attached,Yes, she is the Chii who was customized by her owner."

      Lame. So it's a regular Chii with a black dress and blonde wig. Sigh...I had hopes that they were releasing a Freya doll....
    11. Freya would be the same mold as Chi anyway though. ^_^ you could always commission someone to make a Freya dress!
    12. I saw an almost perfect Freya dress on YJ a couple of months ago... One of her really elaborate outfits with a Lady Liberty-ish headdress.

      Of course I was out of funds and couldn't bid....! :cow
    13. Well, I was hoping it was a new Chii doll because I HATE the body on my SD Chii. Her knees are the worst design ever so her legs flop everywhere and bend at unnatural angles. She can't stand on her own. It's nothing so simple as the "jumpy legs" thing that most BJD have, it's a really annoying creepy thing.

      I've been wanting to buy her a new body, but I haven't gotten around to it and I'd like to keep her original anyway.

      Bah, I wish there really was a new Freya coming. :(
    14. Just for the fun of it: I discovered that I still had the link to the Freya outfit auction - and the pictures are still up! The auction is from the end of November...

      Have a look! :daisy
    15. Adorable! Thanks for that!
      God, it went for a lot.
    16. I hope Volks will release Elda and Freya together someday,
      like Kurumi and Miruku. ^^
    17. Since I see cards next to the dolls is it possible she was just a one-off at the Dolpa. Volks does one-offs of rare molds at the Dolpas all the time. She is cute.

      Oh, and maybe the 27cm was for the smaller dolls on the table?