Event Volks Meet & Greet at 2018 PNW BJD Expo

Dec 30, 2017

    1. New news to share. Volks will be at the show and PNW will be hosting a special meet and greet social event. The times are not firmed up quite yet, so keep an eye on the website, details are being posted as they are confirmed. www.pnwbjdexpo.com

      This is a must attend event - see you there!
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    2. Update. The Agenda is finalized, the Volks meet & greet, workshops, panels, the swap meet-up are open for your registration.
      This is a great event - join us! www.pnwbjdexpo.com
    3. Update! Panels and workshop on BJD repairs conducted by Doll Dr expert Emily of Nightengale Needles. This is a terrific addition to PNW. Not only will Emily be sharing great information on Doll Physics, she will be doing repairs at her booth in the salesroom. See you there! www.pnwbjdexpo.com