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Volks Mini Anthro Cat Baron

Mar 24, 2008

    1. I have fallen inlove with this kitty guy, but i don't know where to find him. :...(

      Do yall have any suggestions on where i might be able to track one down?

      thank you!

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      This is a discussion for Mini Anthro Volks Baron.
    2. In the Doa marketplace, yahoo japan. i dont think he is a animal/anthro doll though, because what i know his resin is all human, but with cat access?
    3. I'm sorry Volks Sumikas & Tenshi no Sato no longer have Baron.
      But many Baron were sold and we can see him in market place.
      I wish you can get him soon!
    4. Baron is considered anthro since he has a cat head like Mau and is listed ion the on-topic anthro doll list sticky

      Beany: good luck maybe look in Y!J or post a wtb in the marketplace.
    5. He's MSD size.
      You can use this word to search Barron on Y!J. "ドルフィーフレンズ バロン" ;)
    6. The only cat named "Baron" I know is the one from the Ghibli films. Coincidence or was this a collaboration?

    7. I believe it was a collaboration.
    8. Yes, it was collaboration. But the Baron that Volks based their design on was the original Baron from the manga by Aoi Hiiragi. He first appeared in Ghibli's Whispers of the Heart, but then returned in The Cat's Return. :) I also had an eye on this little guy for a while, but I don't think I'll ever be able to get him.