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Volks Mini Super Dollfie discussion (old version)

Jan 4, 2005

    1. I'm getting my Sinsiya in a couple of days :D :D :D and would like some opinions on what color eyes/wigs you think would work best on this headmold! I was thinking lighter wigs with dark eyes...but I'd love to hear specific suggestions, eye colors, wigs colors, companies...etc etc etc. This is a unique mold, and I've seen some come out great, and some just terrible...so I'd love to suggestions so I can make her lovely! I'm going to be using really light natural and childlike makeup, her personality is going to be shy and (no pun intended) wide-eyed.

      Thanks everyone!

      ....Mod note.....

      This is a merge older discussion thread about Volks Mini Super Dollfie msd
    2. My Sinsia (Memo) currently has Animetic eyes, C-type, 18mm in purple. They look really good paired with eyelashes, and now she looks just like she came from a Macoto Takahashi drawing. ^^

      Still searching for the perfect wig, though... I'm going for a 'traditional shoujo' look. Her features are perfectly suited for it, more than any other BJD. ^^
    3. I have a couple of questions regarding the MSD pureskin body:

      - is there any way to tell the difference between an old body and a new body simply from a photograph? Unlike the SD10 and SD13, there doesn't seem to be a very marked difference in the physical appearance of the body. The only difference I think I see is the ankle? The pure skin ankle appears to have less of the ball showing.

      - does the pureskin MSD body sit on its own? How does it pose relative to the old body? All of my experience has been with full size new and old bodies, so I'm really curious about the MSDs.

      - Was MSD Mika ever released in old resin or has she always been exclusively in pureskin new body?

      Thanks :daisy
    4. 1. There is a definite difference. For one, the new pureskin bodies have much more detail knees somewhat similar to SD13 boys. (the kneecap is more sculpted) If a body has anything other than the standard hands it is also a good sign that it is probably the pureskin body with the new system. Other than that, the differences are probably minor enough that you'd need to have both around for reference to notice.

      2. It sits on its own, very nicely.
      It is generally said to pose better than the old body, although the new easy-change hand system apparently gives the wrist less mobility. No one I know with a new body has been unhappy with it, as yet. ^_^

      3. MSD Mika was first released a long long time ago, in old skin. She had various incarnations, like the schoolgirl Mika and the white-skinned Mika, etc.
    5. The MSD pureskin body is wonderful. It poses well, sits well, stands well and would stomp all over the old skin body if necessary.

      Mika was only recently made a standard MSD. Before she was only available as an LE, and an old skin LE at that. Her first release was at Dolpa 8, then Volks released a BW version a few months later that was LE40.. and I think that was it. Most people got their Mikas by taking a Ken head and sticking it on an MSD girl body.
    6. Jumping in to add my two cents.. :D

      I love the new pureskin MSD bodies..!!
      they stand well, sits with such ease,and have that locking mechanism familiar
      to the new pureskin SD13 bodies such as Madoka W., all the new FCSs...to hold their sitting position.....
      the shape of their feet (at least with Sweet Dreams MSD Mika)
      looks prettier than the old,old ones......
      it seems Volks tapered them just a tad......
      Iam very happy with the new MSD pureskin bodies......
      he-he....as you can see....I can't say enough good things !!!!!
    7. :oops: I'm going to be the odd ball here.

      I hate hate HATE the new MSD sculp. I have an old body Sakura, and my buddy has the new bodied Mika. I was the sander and stringer of both, so I have had quite a bit of playtime with both.

      The resin itself is much, much nicer on the new bodies; given the resin choice alone, I'd go for pureskin. It's very soft, photographs well, and is generally of higher quality and color than the old. It also glows a bit.

      The sculp, on the other hand, I do not like one bit. The new bodies are "stiff" and have locking parts in the legs. This allows them to stand and sit better, but the overall easiness by the owner to put the doll in a pose is greatly reduced. Also the sitting position they assume strikes me as very unnatural and stiff and the locking in the legs makes it difficult to put the doll in natural and relaxed poses. On the up side, she DOES sit on her own "out of the box" and without modification to the doll. If you want a doll that sits and stands without effort and holds a range of poses without alteration and assistance, then the new sculpt is fantastic. If you want a doll that falls easilly into natural poses, even if these poses require some outside help to hold, then I recomend the old bodies. My friend also complains about the lack of wrist movement. Her mika cannot and will not hold a natural hand pose. We are currently on the hunt for some strong string to replace her wrist hooks with.

      I do, however, love the new foot sculp for the mini girls. ^_^

      It really is a personal preference. I like floppy dolls that will pose naturally without a fight, so I as a rule don't like the new sculps of any of the dolls. (Don't even get me started on the first release of the SD10 girl pureskin body.....) If a sit and stand doll is what you are after primarilly, then by all means, go for that sculpt. If you want a more floppy and movable doll and don't mind doing some body work (sueding, removal/minimizing of the waist... thing....) and aren't head over heels in love with the pureskin, then an old body may be a better choice. My best advise would be to find someone in your area with an old MSD and someone with a new MSD and play to see which one you like better.
    8. i have done a picture-heavy comparison between OLD SKIN Mika and Pureskin Sweet Dreams Mika body but have yet to get it up ~
      If you are interested I'll put it up in a temp folder til I get my full site up ^^
      The new body is wonderful but yes, there is a limited posing at the wrist and ankle ^^

      here's a teaser pic tho XD

      that's my little girl, a Ken head old skin on the Mika SDreams PS body ^^

    9. (deleted a couple paragraphs)

      Actually, my preferences lean toward the old body, too. ^_^:; (I'm not sure how much of my preference is sentimentality and how much is objective, though.)

      Overall though, I think the new resin and the hand-change system and the sitting lock (a guarentee that the doll will sit, unlike my old body doll who sits properly about 50% of the time on the first try....) would probably make most people prefer the new body. And it *is* a definite improvement, Volks have been hard at work.
    10. My old MSD bodies were a pain.. all they could do was stand. Wiring didn't really solve the problem of sitting up straight or anything, and the only way my dolls could fall into natural poses was if I forced them into unnatural positions that were well hidden by pillows and stuff. XD
    11. There is a gorgeous Hewitt girl on Robins Egg site in the gallery.

      My MSD 9 will arrive today - I was having him as a boy... but...... hmm.. well... I have Tsubaki on the asexual body.. and I bought a girl MSD body.. (not here yet).. so maybe this 9 will HAVE to be a girl :)

      I know this could be a girl or boy.. but it looks pretty good as a girl!

      There is also a pic elswhere on the site.. maybe top photos of this on with a really dark long wig laying back and in a sort of wedding gown (hard to tell from the photo).. but a wonderful pic of the face.

      I think it makes a gorgeous sultry girl. Its a face I REALLY want.. but they are just to expensive on Yahoo!
    12. After randomly PMing a bunch of other Sinsia owners about everything under the sun about their big-eyed beauties (I've been bored as of late), I've noticed a trend when I ask about ears - they fall out. Constantly. I've seen this myself. Gina's f13, with his huge elf ears of doom, also seems to have this problem, but as I don't have his ears in front of me to look at I don't know if this idea would work for him or other dolls with the long elf ears.

      I had PMed strangeangels about her sinsia and she had mentioned that her gal's headcap doesn't stay on, and she was thinking of using magnets to keep it on, as well as doing that for the ears! I think its a wonderful idea, but as I'm a little shaky on the power-tool issue, I wanted to know what other people would think of my elaboration on the idea.

      Perhaps drill a slight indentation into the earpart itself and set a small but strong magnet (like the kind for magnetic body "piercings") into the ear, above where the ear post goes into the head. Then do the same into the inside of the head? That way the ears wont be set out -more- from her head than they already are, and they'll stay in place better if the magnets do as good a job through the resin as they do through human flesh?

      Has anyone tried anything like this yet and if so has it worked? I'd love to be able to leave Sorcha's ears in more often, but... yeah. Looking for feedback. Thanks!
    13. I haven't heard of anyone using magnets, but I have heard of people putting a little putty (eye-putty, or the like) around the base of the ear attackment, and gently easing it in that way...

      I'm not sure ~random thought~ could you kind of 'seal' in the ears through the head? Taking off the headcap, putting in the ears and putting some putty to stop it from coming out?

      I wouldn't trust myself with a power tool, and I'd be worried that hair would disrupt the magnetism, or that the magnet's wouldn't be powerful enough to hold on the ears.

      Good luck and may your little-one's leprosy be taken care oif1
    14. I took th hollow pegs that Volks says to put inside the earhole, cut them in half, and super-glued them to my Misia's ear-pegs. I have to re-glue them every two months or so, but other than that, it works great.
    15. Does anyone know what size eyes Sinsiya wears?
    16. My sister used to have a Sinsia and she always used 18mm eyes.
    17. 18mm's look good when angled to the side, like the volks pictures, and 20mm would look good looking straight front. :D ::much love to sinsya/misya::
    18. No clue about the dool, but yes you can actually 'reshape' (through sanding) or 'remoodel' using...~thinks~ I've forgotten what it is, but if you ask in customizations, and mention your plans, they may be able to give you some better ideas!