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Volks MSD head on a DollZone mini body?

Oct 28, 2007

    1. I really like the Marie (mini school A head) from Volks but I want a more mature body, so I was wondering if a dollzone body the say that their head size is 7"-8", but I'm still not to sure. Anyone know if it'll work?
    2. Fit wise? I can't test for sure, but the head should physically fit on the body okay. Colour wise, I couldn't tell you.
    3. According to DoA FAQ measurements, Volks MSD has a thick 8.5cm neck. According to Junkyspot, Dollzone has a skinny 7cm neck for girls, 7.3cm for boys.

      So if event he resin matches, you might have to mod the neckhole of the head (make smaller with epoxy or sueding) to fit onthe slimmer Dollzone neck.

    4. I've got an MSD Myu head, and am about to buy a DollZone body (I wanted something more mature)... just waiting to find out if the normal skin "pink" or normal skin "yellow" is the better match. When it comes i'll let you know what happened.
    5. hmmm this is food for thought, DiSpy thanks!
    6. Only a little bit helpful: But I own a head from one of those places that just makes heads and the resin they use was meant to match volks pure skin (Uh, is that the name of the skin tone? that seems weird now that I type it out) I stuck it on a Dollzone 1/4 body and the match is near perfect, and it fits very well.

      Again, only a little bit helpful because, no, it's not a Volks, but it was made to be suck on a Volks MSD body.

      And might I add, DZ 1/4 girl bodies are beautiful. I was sticking new clothes on her yesterday and it just struck me how nice their bodies are.
    7. Don't know if the head'll fit or not, but my DOC head fits on my DZ girl's body ^^; So, if Volks is like DOC then that would answer that. If not then...

      @pantogogue: The DZ bodies are love, pure love <3 Though, even though I used to really hate it, DOC's old girl bodies are starting to grow on me...
    8. Ok, my DZ normal skin "yellow" body came in today... and I put my Volks pureskin Myu head on it, and I can tell you that it is *just a tiny bit* more yellow than the head. Of course her head has been blushed pink-y, and that's just going by the normal room lighting. Otherwise I think it's a really good match.

      I'll try and get some GOOD pictures over the weekend, and post them as soon as I can (waning tho, my camera sucks and I may have to wait until I can borrow a better one).
    9. Yay! that's great!
    10. I took some pictures of my Hybrid, and thought i'd post them here for resin comparison. Excuse the fact that I used the flash, and don't have clothes yet that show off more skin.

      This is a Volks Myu (MSD) pureskin head on a Dollzone normal "yellow" skin body.

    11. She's really cute Dianne! Did you do her face-up? ^_^
    12. Hehe... no, no. I can't do anything like that. I bought the head from a seller here on DoA who only told me that she had her "sent out for a professional faceup". So unfortunately I have no idea who did it. (Wish I did... i'd have them do more!)

      The wig I bought from you looks great on her shan... it really makes her whole look!!
      THANK YOU! :)