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Volks Msd Head + Sdc Body? Hybrid

Jul 4, 2007

    1. Hello everyone~ I am thinking about putting a MSD head on a SDC (super dollfie cute) body, and was wondering if anyone had experience with this. ^^ I have two main questions:

      -How does the head fit on the neck? (Does it move easily/is it proportional/did you have to alter anything/what's your experience with this/etc)

      -Can you put a "boy" head mould on a girl SDC body, and will it fit the same as every other MSD head would (in other words, like a girl head on a boy SDC body, a boy head on a boy SDC body, and the like)?

      Also pictures would be great- I ran a search but didn't find much, so if someone can point me to more I'd really appreciate it! Thanks~!

      Mod Note: LINKS

      Msd compared to Sdc

      Volks SDC girl body next to MSD girl body

      Volks Sdc boy body next to MSD boy body and posing

      MSd head on SDC body

      Volks Mini Super Dollfie Discussion (MSD)

      Volks Super Dollfie Cute discussion (SDC)

      Msd hands compared to SDC hands:

      More Msd hands on Sdc and SDC hands on MSd body
    2. I would say... (and this is just from messing around, unfortunately I didn't take photo documentation at the time :() yes on boy SDC bodies being interchangeable with MSD bodies (being technically possible as well as looking good), maybe on girl SDC bodies being interchangeable with MSD bodies (it works with all the heads I've tried, although they may be slightly more wobbly, and in my opinion, too big-headed looking... but lots of people have done it and really liked it), and a definite no for putting SDC boy heads on girl bodies... at least for Miko (and thus probably Kurt... Arashi's head's smaller, so his may work.) His head was way too big for the girls body, it wouldn't stay up and looked really goofy.
    3. Thanks for your feedback! It was very helpful. ^^" I wonder... if SDC boy heads on girl MSD bodies are way too big, does that also mean boy MSD heads on girl SDC bodies would look too big? (I can't quite remember, but I thought I had seen girl SDC bodies are even smaller than girl MSD bodies.)
    4. The SDC boy body has a thicker neck than the MSD boy body; it's not ridiculous-looking, but it doesn't fit AS nicely as the SDC girl body does with MSD heads. Here are a couple pics of Khalid, who's a Schulze head on an Arashi body:


      Here you can see a little how the neck doesn't fit the head perfectly; it's mostly obvious when his head is tilted to the side. If you tilt his head as far as it will go, you can actually expose the neck hole a tiny bit.

      I meant to do some modding to his neck to make it fit better but I found the fit to be good enough not to warrant the effort. The fact that he wears a long wig helps, too, as it covers most of the way around the neck, hiding the fit a little. Overall I think it works fine, but if you're one who's a stickler for precise fit, MSD heads on SDC boy bodies may be frustrating to you without some modding involved.
    5. lol... sorry, I meant that putting SDC boy heads on SDC girl bodies doesn't work (their neck space is much too big for the thin SDC girl neck). SDC boy heads on any MSD body (boy or girl) should be fine. To clarify: girl MSD and boy MSD bodies are almost exactly the same, the boy bodies just have an extra 1cm of height in their legs, but the neck joints should be identical.

      And I am of the opinion that any head that isn't an SDC girl's head looks weird on an SDC girl body. Just because the SDC girl body is much thinner and delicate than MSD bodies are. But those are just my personal feelings, a lot of people are totally okay with it, and even prefer it. :)
    6. All of my MSD Kohaku/Hisui heads are now on SDC bodies with the exception of three.

      Salem, who is a Volks Sunlight skin, because Volks has not made an SDC with Sunlight skin.

      Signey, because she is only 12 and the girl SDC bodies are too mature and a little too busty.

      Wraith, because he is also 12, a very young twelve, and the MSD body just seems to suit him better.

      Yes, the SDC neck is a little thicker, however it isn't too bad and a little light sanding and/or sueding seems to improve things.

      Actually there seem to be minor differences from doll to doll, some heads need a little adjusting while others will fit almost perfectly.

      Here is a picture of Lucifer and Freyr when they were "younger". (when they still had MSD bodies)

      This is a picture of Lue, with his SDC body, next to Lord Shigure, when Shigure still had an MSD body. Lord Shigure now has an SDC body as well.
      Lol, I've no idea what's up with Shigure's strange hand signals...he'd just arrived, maybe Lue was making him a little nervous. ;D
    7. Girlwholived recently got an f18 on an SDC girl body who she calls Usagi, though I don't think she's posted pictures yet. Usagi looks a little bit bobble-headed because of the difference in head size, but it's not bad--it kind of gives her a unique charm of her own, and she is quite the cutie. If I remember right, the fit of the head on the body is not perfect, but it's not bad either, and the difference didn't seem to affect the posabilty of the head, or to be obvious in any way. All in all it worked out really well.

      And for the record... The SDC head is smaller and fits a little strangely on the MSD body. I think it's actually more proportionate than the big-headed MSDs you see everywhere, and I kind of like it, but it is definitely different. The neck fit isn't ideal but it doesn't look bad, and if you're careful it doesn't effect the head posability negatively (it can jerk a little and change position when you pose it haphazardously) This is my SDC Ren Bre modeling the MSD body so that you can see :)

      Excuse the wig and outfit, she is still waiting for her things to arrive.

      EDIT: Here you can kind of see the extent of the difference in head size between MSD and SDC girls. On the left is my fiance's SDC Kaede, 'Tsuki', and on the right, lucciora's MSD Lilith. Lilith's head is partly covered by the wig she is wearing, but you can clearly see that it is noticeably bigger than Tsuki's. There is a very clear size difference between the two doll heads so this should be taken into consideration if planning a hybrid. I hope this helps. ^_^

    8. Hi Lelei,

      MSd Boy bodies are different from Girl bodies in neck size. MSD Boy bodies have a thicker neck while MSD girl bodies have a thinner neck.

    9. Okay sorry it took so long. Here's my Yui on SDC Kurt's body:


      IMO it's a little awkward. I don't know if SDC girls have the same neck size as boys. If they do I think it'd need a little modding for the head to sit right. Hope this helps!
    10. I have a MSD Kohaku head on a SDC Kurt body, the neck is a little too large,
      but it's not noticeable most of the time. The hybridation works fine ^ ^
      (And the poor head of Kurt fit perfectly on the MSD boy body, fortunately!)
    11. Oh wow, I forgot about updating my own question! I did invest in a MSD head + SDB body: specifically, a Shulze head on a Kurt body.

      The result:




      Works great! I can see the neck seeming a little off, but it doesn't really affect the overall look/movement.
    12. Msd boy Hewitt on Sdc Kurt body

      #13 ginarolo, Mar 10, 2011
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    13. Msd boy Schulze on Sdc Kurt boy body (I love the sligthly longer neck to look more mature. Plus better posing options.

      Schulze on Msd boy body
    14. Msd Toppi Head on Kaede Sdc girl body


      #15 ginarolo, Dec 12, 2012
      Last edited: Feb 20, 2018