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Volks New FCS head F38 - same as SD17 Alain?

Feb 23, 2008

    1. http://www.angelden.net/fcs/heads/sd-f38.html
      it's the new F-38 head in the full choice system releasing on 15/03/08

      sorry if this is a repeated thread @@
      but I was just wondering... isn't he SD17 Alain head? (from DP18)
      only that he's not smiling like Alain in the official photo

      if that is so.. is F-38 gonna be fitted with SD13 body?
      or is FCS gonna start having SD17 body as an option?
    2. He honestly doesn't look much like Alain to me. Maybe it's the very light photo. But I think at least the face shape, lips, and eyes are different.
    3. There's always some similarity between Volks sculpts when they're released at roughly the same time but I don't see a huge likeness between what few pics I've seen of the F-38 and the Alain head I have sitting to my left. (Just an FYI, Alain's smirk is painted on, not sculpted in.;))

      I think Volks knows that people are willing to scrounge up a 16 or 17 body second hand if they want to put a FCS head on a larger body, so I'm sure they will sell him on the SD13 body for now.

      It's been said by Volks that there is some body type they plan to add to Sato and Sumika Full Choice this fall but whether they mean something like the SDCute body or the SD16's or 17's we can only speculate. :)
    4. I have a questions, do the heads for the SD17 bodies, like Alain, really fit okay on an SD13 body, maybe with the longer legs? I keeping seeing the Alain head on ebay but am afraid to buy it if it only works on the large body. Any comments on this would sure be appreciated. Thank you!
    5. I own both of these sculpts and I can Honestly tell you the F-38 Looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Like Alain:sweat..... The F-38 looks a little more young and inocent (of course depending on the face up) compared to Alain. Alain's face is a little more narrow and mature in my opinion:)

      and dollswest the Alain head does fit on an SD13 body, there are actually plenty of people on the forums who have done this, just do an Alain search in the gallery and I'm sure you'll come up with one who's on an SD13 body;)