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Volks New La Personal Collection / Jewelry Box SD Sunglasses

Aug 20, 2005

    1. Those glasses! Why does Volks do this to me when I have no money? :shudder If they put out MSD sized ones, I'm extremely screwed... or, well, my wallet will be.
    2. Wow! o_o I'm really happy to see Volks making their excellent eyewear available internationally as well as in-store. Like shinibun says, when they start making MSD models, then I'll really be in trouble. XD

      I hope they're not just going to tease us with photos of the new La Parsonal collection, though. I'm already making a mental memo of the ones I want. *_*

      Thanks for the heads-up, frzndaqiri!
    3. THOSE GLASSES~~~ I've been drooling over those glasses for so long.

      DAMN! But the shipping is going to be so expensive*_*
      Is anyone thinking of setting up a group order? :D :D :D
    4. lingerie up too ~

      i have a sinking feeling...
      or wait.. my bank acc has a sinking feeling XD
    5. I smell group order.....
    6. :::::Sniffs around::::

      I would love to do a group order, NEED those glasses!
    7. ...Glasses... :o Aneirin hasn't realized it yet, but he needs glasses.
    8. If I can get anything I'll be happy, group order or no group order - but it's 7AM on the 21st in Japan, and it's not open yet... :( Don't know if I'll be near a computer at the right time... :(
    9. Is it just me or do the SD-06 glasses look an awful lot like Kohya's with different colored lenses?

      They're pretty bright business people; I'm sure Volks has noticed what those go for on the secondary market, sans Kohya...
    10. :roll: Gulp!! Those glasses are roughly $57.00!! :o :o

      Ahhh my bishies are gonna have to settle for less I'm afraid. They are beautiful though.
    11. I know I saw that to, 57 bucks is more then my boyfirend spent on frames for himself.
    12. hmm...those clothes still aren't for sale on the website yet? anyone know why, weren't they supposed to be?
    13. Actually, I don't believe the glasses really are for sale yet either.

      Click on one and an "order item" page comes up, but if one tries to play around with putting it in a shopping cart (just to see, even if not make the final decision to buy), the "order item" page does not seem to respond at all. And the number of items choice (even at "limited to 1") is "greyed out".
    14. :o i want those glasses! shipping is killer :( and last time i was going to order something it was sold out :cry:
    15. Anyone have an update to this? I've been checking back like every other day, and the clothes have yet to be posted, even. I was thinking that they must have been very busy with NagoDolpa... but they haven't mentioned anything on the front page either. I wonder what happened??
    16. I just ordered the sunglasses, but found no links to the clothes.
    17. Page 4 of the shopping list has a few of the new shirts. I just noticed there are 10 pages instead of 9. I really wish they'd separate them out...
    18. Thanks for the heads-up! *pounces*
    19. i hope they add even more soon! i'm glad they have lots to offer msd.