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Volks New York Dolpa - SD13 Irvin

Apr 13, 2008

    1. He is gorgeous. Now I am really sad.

      I cannot go in June at all..... I hope Volks will release someone equally gorgeous for the next Dolpa in US
    2. Perhaps it's just the photo...but it looks as if he's been into my daughter's day glo orange fake and bake:lol:

      Nice to see a big elf gentleman though;)
    3. Anavel, don't lose hope! I'm sure not every person attending the Dolpa will want this guy. Perhaps you can arrange for somebody to try to get him for you? I myself will not be going, but I'm hoping I can count on somebody to help me adopt him. (This happened at the last NY Dolpa, which I also did not attend, when thesaraghina very generously helped me get my Masha!)
    4. Am posted a much nicer, non-orange photo here in the News thread.

      I, uhh, think I might be trying for him. I mean, I *do* love tan boys. And quite like the Lucai sculpts as well. :XD:
    5. Oh my god, his robe is PERFECT! I wish I could figure out how to make that thing!
    6. I like the fact that Volks made him in ebony skin. We need more dark skinned dolls. ;)
    7. :fangirl: A part of me wishes he was on SD17 body..but he is beautiful nonetheless ~~**~* !!:aheartbea
    8. Oh wow, looks like word from Pat Henry (again, in the news thread) is that he'll be extremely limited. I hope I'm lucky enough to get him! :eek:
    9. He's lovely. I haven't seen many of the darker tans coming from Volks, so he's more unique. Cool.
    10. I absolutely love the way they have styled him. And the fact that he is an elf. And that he is ebony skinned. I think Volks did an amazing job with him, he is a beauty. That said, the Chris/Lucas head isn't really for me, but I said that last year about Masha too.
    11. Ugh, he's so beautiful! I'm dying for him, but I doubt I can make it across the country to him. XD

      Waaaant. ^^;
    12. Wow he's gorgeous, I hope they keep using this skintone! It's a shame the US limiteds seem to be such tiny editions!
    13. I plan to be at the door waiting for him, with shackels if I have to. XD
    14. T_T so... only people who attend the event are able to order this handsome boy?
      or will there be a lotto later? T__T
    15. Only people who attend the avent and are subscribers to FDQ. That is how every FDQ limited doll at the NY dolpa has been done so far.
    16. Damn, that is quite unfortunate. I can do 1 of the two hah... (cant really make it to NY from where I am)
    17. He's absolutely gorgeous *___* I won't be going to the event either but I just have to have him so I'll post a WTC in the marketplace and see if there's anyone kind enough to pick him up for me..

      I just love his skintone and the squinty eyes and it's Lucas and the ears and the fact that he's on long legs..he's just perfect *love*

      I hope anyone rooting for him will be able to get him!
    18. I'm glad I don't like him. Not a fan of the darker skintone. So, not sad I can't go this time. I would kill for a Lucas elf in white or NS, however!

      I would like to see them offer more choice at the US dolpas, like howabout 2 different dolls? A yo and a bigger doll, or an MSD and a SD17 boy? Seems to me this would satisfy a larger range of BJD tastes...
    19. I think many people were surprised that this year's limited was even a boy since the last two were girls. FDQ are the ones who decide on the doll I believe.

      And Rao, I'm not sure anyone could promise to get that boy for you. He is a FDQ limited, which means he's on a lottery type basis, and buyers have to be FDQ subscribers. They then see if you qualify, and if you do they let you know and you have the chance to buy him. He won't ship out until a month later, you don't get him during dolpa.