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volks news raiiny day, outfits for rengemaru and suzuna

Jun 9, 2005

    1. How adorable! ^__^ I think I want at least one of those rainy day MSD sets (if they are Rainy Day Fair limited...then I suppose I will have to keep an eye on Y!JA). I wonder if the umbrellas will be available separately?

      EDIT: Just saw on the Japanese site that the MSD sets come with the umbrellas. Yay!

      *waits for the W-120 style to appear in MSD size =D*
    2. Oh! So adorable! My little Constantine so needs the Yo-SD set...*wonders if she can get off work on the 25th...*

    3. Looks like there are some SD wigs that are limited for the rainy day stuff too. :3
    4. Those are really cute, too bad they don't fit my Liam's image :|
    5. Adorable! Oh, Volks, you make the cutest (and rather expensive *sigh*) little outfits and accessories...
    6. That line about raindrops and puddles is so cute!

      And in the YoSD section "Please give them to your angels."

      XD Here you are, little angel! I give it to you because I wuuuv you
    7. Is the outfit just the raincoat, boots and umbrella? Can't tell of this includes a little dress or suit for the Yo SDs. - Barb in MA
    8. Where it says included on the site: it is just the umbrella, coat and boots for the MSD's, rain coat and boots for the Yo SD's.

      I think "dress" is just a translation of clothes or outfit.