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Volks NY Dolpa 2 - SD Masha

Jun 1, 2007

    1. For those that are excited (or relieved that they don't want her, lol) - I thought to start a Volks Masha discussion thread :daisy

      It should be noted that Masha's petition for a ticket to America was started by DoA's Kallisti. (Read original DoA thread for "Vote For Sasha" here!) Major, major kudos to Ms. Kallisti and everybody that followed her lead to ask Volks to bring Sasha back.

      I'm personally very excited, and will attempt to bring this beauty home.

      How about you?
    2. I'm not planning to get her myself (I unfortunately have no room for girl dollies, really!) but I'm soooooo excited about the rerelease of Sasha! :D :D She's such a beautiful, ethereal headmold, and I know SO many people who've wanted to own her for eons and have been wishing and hoping for a rerelease! A big huge kudos to Kallisti for making the poll happen, and kudos to Volks for listening to their fans. :D

      *runs around in excited circles* I can't WAIT to see other people's Mashas when they bring them home. :D
    3. This girl is Gorgeous:love I really didn't expect to like her as much as I do.... But I do, I must have her. And here I was planning to sleep in a bit on Sunday, I will no do no such thing, I'm gonna have to be there at the Crack of Dawn to even have a chance at this girl:sweat Only 75:o Pat wasn't kidding when she said Very Very Very Limited*_* I wonder if Volks will treat this like they do the Japanese Dolpas and give people in line random numbers?
    4. I signed up for the NY Dolpa in hopes the LE would be a re-release of Sasha (although I thought it made more sense for her to go to LA.)
      I'm so unbelievably happy to have a chance to get her!
      I compared Masha to pictures of Sasha, and she really looks very much the same, to me. *^_^*
    5. Yay! Sasha's back!!

      I'm not going to the NY Dollpa, but I'm very excited for those who'll be getting her!! :-D


      *edit* Wow she looks very different now... O_o
    6. So happy for a chance at her. She'll be my first BW girl.
    7. Oh nikittin...I'm in deep trouble. This is my dream doll x 1000.

      I've got two fairly large problems - I need to find someone going to the Dolpa who would get me one...and I need to raise funds, though I could probably sell my Williams...

      Oh dear...:...(
    8. I totally understand, Jessica. I'm in a mild panic over this girl, too. (Not only is Masha based on my favorite Volks mold, but by my favorite Volks artist, Valico ;_; )

      Good luck. I don't think you'll have problems finding somebody since there's more than a few people that have proclaimed they don't want her ;)
    9. Thanks...:)

      I think what troubles me is that she's limited to 75. Argh...^^
    10. I'm in heaven! So glad they're having a doll that I love at an event I'm actually attending! Are all attendees guaranteed at least one doll? I'm a bit confused about that. I thought if you attended, you were guaranteed a doll. But now I'm thinking that's not the case? ARGH!

    11. I think we're all confused about that.... whether they mean 75 for FDQ people and there will be MORE than that at the tea - or if it REALLY is a total of 75, then they will have to do a lottery, and what Am said before about us being able to sign up for 2, and if quantities permit, we COULD get 2...

      I am definitely confused.

      I can't wait to see her in person!! I think she'd look awesome in other color wigs!!
    12. When Volks announced to FDQ their plans for the event doll, this is the email they sent to Pat, who was nice enough to forward it to me. I thought it was so touching I just ahd to share.

      In Nov., 2006, VOLKS USA invited all its members to "Halloween Party in VOLKS Mansion,"and all SD owners who came the party gave us wonderful ideas. The ideas were handed during the party. President Shigeta had a conversation with several fans and they handed a letter to him. In the letter, there were strong, eager wishes & messages for reselling Super Dollfie "Sasha" and the collected signatures of 111 fans who have the same wish were enclosed together. Mr. Shigeta doosn't understand English, however he did understand the enthusiasm by those fans deeply to his heart.

      "SD Sasha" was released as a limited edition Super Dollfie for Japanese magazine in 2003, and she was also sold on Hometown Dolpa as limited SD afterwards. "SD Sasha" was coordinated by Kyon, SD Make-up artist back then.

      To hold Dolpa in NY2, we had chosen the special Super Dollfie Girl together with wishes from many SD fans who talked with President Shigeta at the party and our hope that is "more American doll fans will know more about VOLKS and Super Dollfie."

      New SD girl was created with a base of "SD Sasha" and was born by a special pair of Chief SD Sculptor, Akihiro Enku and VOLKS Official Make-Up Artist, Valico. Her name is "SD Masha." Kaori Saito who is SD Dress Designer and has enormous popularity among SD fans designed her dress.

      We are sure that Masha will have new stories among many doll fans in America. We also know that she will fulfill our dreams. We are sincerely happy to let "SD Masha" debut at Dolpa in NY2 and FDQ.

      With that, we come to the end of our story.

      Thank you!

    13. this is so sweet. If it wasn't inappropriate, I'd give Mr. Shigeta a big hug!! (I think I'd scare him to death if I did that, LOL!)

      I hope all of us who really want one can get one. This is wonderful, Am, thank you for sharing!
    14. for once, I like my middle name! I'd really like to find out that there will be enough of her for the dolpha in NY so I can relax a bit.
    15. AM just posted on the dolpha news thread. there are 75 total of Masha (this version anyway).
    16. I just have to say that I'm so glad to see so many clear-sighted people who have decided that Masha is not the girl for them, rather than just putting in for her on a whim. There are so many people who have been pining for this haunting beauty for years that their thoughtfulness will really make a difference to all the Sasha/Marsha lovers out there.:D

      Oh, and Masha = :aheartbea

      EDIT: Oops! Meant to put this on the NY Dolpa thread, but it makes just as much sense to put it here. I really hope that everyone who has been dying for her manages to get her. *fingers crossed*
    17. Thank you Kellyhime. that is a nice message and appreciate your wishing us luck! - Barb
    18. Is it just me, or is anyone else terribly disappointed by the fact that attending the party might not guarantee you a doll if you want one? I hate that feeling of being so limited that it creates a "feeding frenzy" atmosphere. And I also am not happy with the idea that a lottery to get the doll that you've gone through much trouble and expense (at least in my case because I live on the other coast) just to attend this function.

      Ok, so I guess I sound like Crabby Craberson or something here. But it seems like at the other Dolpas there were always extras. Just me whining...sorry..

    19. I was really angry when I saw this, actually. I was absolutely sure that I would not want their release, since I have one dream Volks doll and that's it. She was a shock to me though.

      Masha is my name in Russian. It's the name I've been known by all my life by anyone close to me. She's also beautiful in a very ethereal way (much in the same way as my Lilis) that makes her stand out for me.

      Since I'll be attending the NY Dolpa as a guest... this has caused me to grow more confused and somewhat sad because it's almost an 100-percent fact that I won't be able to get her (for financial reasons) and I'll only see the lovely beauty. :(
    20. I find Masha to be oddly hypnotizing. Her profile is beautiful. I really like her. But feel safe that a) I am poor and b) I will not be going to the Dolpa.