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Volks NYC Dolpa - June 19-20, 2010

Nov 16, 2009

    1. VolksUSA updated their web site with a post about the Autumn Rush Event which makes mention of the NYC Dolpa and says they are looking for input on what we would like to see at the event:

      "As a final surprise, the Dolls Party in New York City 4, 2010 was also announced! See you on June 19 and 20! The Volks USA staff is already excited to see you again! We would be so grateful to hear your hopes and comments for this event as we need to get planning. We will be updating about this event on our website and event blog, so please keep your eyes there. "

    2. The location has been annouced on the FDQ Web Site (http://www.fdqmedia.com/events.html)

      "Join FDQ and Volks, Inc. at FIT for another fantastic Dolpa! Details to come. There will be another fabulous FDQ Exclusive! Tentative dates are June 19th-20th, FIT Great Reeves Hall, NYC."
    3. Thank you for waiting! Finally, we have the newest information about the Dolls Party in New York City 2010! Oh! I should stop talking so you don’t have to wait any longer!

      What’s on the schedule for the Dolls Party in NY this year!?
      1. SD Workshop
      2. SD Beauty Salon
      3. Memorial One-off Models
      4. Full Choice System Orders
      5. Photo Space
      6. Party / Autograph & Talk session “Another Yourself 2″

      How can I get my ticket for the Dolls Party in NY?
      We’re planning to offer Dolls Party in New York 2010 tickets from April 10 until May 2 through our web site!

      To participate in this event you need to have a Volks USA Membership or be an FDQ subscriber. You can purchase up to 2 tickets, so you can bring a guest with you!

      You may cancel your tickets until May 23. After then, the ticket cost will not be refunded and will be regarded as a cancellation fee. We hope that we will able to see all of you in NY!

      (In the case that we receive more ticket orders than the site capacity, we will hold a lottery. We wish you good luck!)

      What are the Volks USA Limited Items?
      Yo-SD Girl Little Alice
      Yo-SD Girl Little Lolina
      Yo-SD Boy White Rabbit
      Yo-SD Boy White Rabbit Sweet Dream Version
      Yo-SD Optional Item “Alice’s ‘Turn the Key’ set”
      Yo-SD Optional Item “White Rabbit’s ‘Don’t Be Late’ set”
      Designer Collection “Opera Pink Cat” for SD Girls, SD13 Girls, DD (M/L Bust Only)

      How can I get the Volks USA Limited Items?
      You will have 3 chances to welcome Volks USA Limited Items!

      1st Chance: Dolls Party attendees!
      All Dolls Party in NY attendees can pre-order one of each of the Volks USA Limited Items with your Dolls Party ticket! This purchase is guaranteed. So, if you are really interested in these items, we truly recommend this very first chance to get them!

      *If you purchase 2 tickets, in order to bring a guest, you may order up to 2 of each item.

      *If you do not attend the Dolls Party, your Limited Item order will be cancelled.

      2nd Chance: At the Dolls Party!
      We all know it happens. Sometimes you’re not interested just seeing an item through a monitor, but then when you see them in person you fall right in love!

      For just this kind of situation, we will have a limited number of these items available at the Dolls Party!

      3rd Chance: Through a web lottery!
      This last chance is open to everyone! If we happen to have leftover items, we will be offering them after the Dolls Party through a Web Lottery! We really hope to see you at the Dolls Party and we’ll be sad if you can’t make it, but if you can’t join us don’t give up the hope of welcoming one of these beautiful Yo-SDs!

      We will post the newest information bit by bit, so please keep your eyes on our blog and web site as usual! It would be too sad for you to miss this big event! And please let your SD friends know that we’re looking forward to seeing all of you there!

      We’re always appreciative to receive your opinions, thoughts, excitement about attending, and so on at service@volksusa.com!