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Volks Oldskin what year did they stop producing it?

Jan 6, 2011

    1. I am curious what year they stopped using the oldskin? :whitetruffle
    2. I believe it's 2003. 2003 is when they started introducing pureskin bodies. After that, Volks gradually stopped using oldskin completely.

      Hope that answers your question. :)
    3. If you look at the listings on angelden.net each limited will say if they were made with oldskin or pureskin. I'm not sure if they list that for standards and FCS (under Creating Dreams) or maybe have that info elsewhere on angelden, worth looking into.
    4. Here is what I pulled directly from Angels den:
      "• As of September, 2006, all FCS (both Sato and Sumika) are now made in Pureskin UV Protect, Volks' latest type of Pureskin resin which is more resistant to yellowing caused by sun exposure. This resin is said by some to be very slightly paler than the normal Pureskin resin used before this. (Although this appears to be a matter of speculation; some can see the difference, while others cannot.) You may want to keep this in mind when considering matching older FCS parts with newer FCS parts, or when considering buying the optional parts that Volks sells seperately for your doll, as off-the-shelf optional parts are not yet available in UV Protect."