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Volks Online Shopping 1st Anniversary Special Sale

Feb 26, 2005

    1. Thank you for the heads up Linda....
      but , it was disappointing....and not the first time.....

      it was odd because in the morning I tested it to see if the site is even accessible...
      and I was able to put MSD wig in my cart....but when 6pm MST time came
      10am Japan time, the add to cart button did not work...on any pages...

      I was jubilant thinking I was getting MSD SweetDreams Mika II ..but thankfully
      I won her at Y!J instead....at least that is certain....

      I just don't understand why the Volks site would do that....
      crush hopes of the many......
    2. Oh, I hope this means they'll be restocking the dresses in the boutique link! I see two that I really really want! *pines*
    3. Does anyone know how it works? Is it first come first serve? Thanks.
    4. AH! FOOQ! *KOHYA*!!! O_O!!!! *cries* Why *noooow* T_T.....I have no monies...T_T....
    5. Well I wanted the Kun.. I HAD the money.. I worked out the time....GRRR looks liek theya ll sold out.
      We lost internet access. I am at the library.. no telephone lines at home.. bloody Telstra has stuffed up again.. GRRRR.. ADN they wont fix it till at least Wednesday.. so i miss out because of them. I am VERY happy.

      Well I guess it was not meant to be.
    6. I was at the site on a very fast connection from 11:50 until 12:10 in Japan, and nothing changed. The page never showed Kun - or anything else for that matter - as being in stock. I'm wondering if maybe the English side was never opened up to take orders.
    7. Odd, they have Kohya available, but not Tohya. Hm. *shrugs*
    8. Damn. They only offer the Cecil wig in darkbrown, it looks like. Too bad - I would have loved to get a pale blond (or even silver or white) one for Darryl - the only way I'm likely to get him to wear long hair is if it's that style. **sigh**
    9. Who wanna bet that tomorrow they'll announce the KDP3 LEs? XD
    10. I kept checking the site until 1AM (here) and not only did Kun not show, but the smaller items -wig, shoes, did not link to anything and I started checking them at what would have been at 10AM Japan time. I thought maybe it didn't link to Mac computers but looks like they just listed them whenever. Very disappointed. My Unoss was thinking that Limited Kun would be her little sister, or at least best friend. - Barb in MA
    11. Yeah... still waiting to be able to order those dang checkered creepers for SD13 boy. Any day now, Volks, any day...
    12. I never saw the gothic dresses for sale. *pouts*
    13. :cry: :cry: :cry:
      i was on volks site intime to try to purchase doll. i was this_close to getting a sweet dream, as it had the instock symbol, but the purchase button on the pop-up window didn't work!!! i'll never get her! why?!?!?

      *btw, that was really cruel of volks to make it so you had to click the "mini super dollfie" link. that wasn't easily understood as the wig and shoes had a order link on that page. and then they took you to the j-page on the dolls...
    14. I wonder what happened with the web site? Just out of curiosity, I was looking to see if Tohya was in stock, and he never was. Kohya was, though.

      And what's strange was that different items would be in stock one second, and then when you hit the refresh button a few seconds later, it would be out of stock, then back in stock later... I wonder why that happened?

      It's too bad that this had to happen on the 1st anniversary of the online store.