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Volks Otoshi-dama Present!

Dec 28, 2006

    1. In Japan, there is a custom called “Otoshi-dama”. For this tradition, presents are given for the celebration of the New Year.

      Following that custom, VOLKS USA will present a Tenshi-no-Sato special incense set to everyone!

      Please experience the atmosphere of Japan and Tenshi-no-Sato, the place where Super Dollfies are born, through this scent.

      Otoshi-dama Present
      At our VOLKS USA website and showroom, we will give one incense set to each customer who purchases a total of $100 or more (not including tax and shipping).

      Campaign Period
      January 1st - January 15th

      For this occasion we have brought this special incense set from Japan to the US especially for our US Super Dollfie fans.

      You can only get this special incense set at Tenshi-no-Sato, the place where Super Dollfies are born.

      There are 5 different varieties of incense sets.

      The incense sets will be given out randomly from the different styles. Please understand that if we run out of incense sets during this period, we will close this offer. In addition, Dolpa 16 orders are not eligible for this offer.


    2. I didn't know about the incense until now. Is it still available?
    3. Unfortunately, I don't think so. The site stated that the "Campaign Period" was from "January 1st - January 15th."
    4. Yeah, I saw. I was thinking they might continue if they still had left over incense. Oh well.
    5. They ran out pretty quickly. ^^
    6. Do we know when they ran out?
    7. Probably pretty quickly. It's very easy to spend $100 there. What is the incense supposed to smell like? Probably a floral scent.
    8. I was there on the 14 and there were literally four bags behind the counter. I dont think they will still be there though. Maybe given to the employees?

      EDIT: My friend and I got Cherry Blossom, I got mine Jan. 7.
    9. Ooo! Is it anything like the cherry blossom scent at Bath and Body Works?