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Volks outfits info?

Sep 27, 2007

    1. I wonder if there is a database or something for released volks outfits and shoes... Im mostly intrested in Yo outfits :)
    2. Nope, there isn't.... Alas!
    3. sweetiemi, why not starting one? I would be interested and I can do webdesign, html and I own payed webpace :) I just don't have enough informations
    4. Yeah i really think there should be one, but i dont know anything about them at all
    5. I guess I can remember some informations about the clothes but there are so many different outfits. maybe we could get it together with the help of other doa users!
    6. Well there is this thead in Picture Requests - http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152042&highlight=yosd

      I'm afraid I don't know much about the older Yo clothes since I just came into the game this year, but I'd be happy to try and help compile a listing. I've been interested in one for a long time now.

      The outfits I know are...

      - Original kindergarten outfit boy & girl (Rengemaru & Suzuna) - link link

      - Suzuna & Rengemaru kitty outfits - link

      - Blue bear and pink bunny rompers (SwD Rengemaru & SwD Suzuna) - link link

      - Second kindergarten(?) outfit boy & girl (Piccolo & Anne) - link

      - ??? Outfits boy & girl (Kuuta & Chinatsu) - link link

      - Winter coat set boy & girl (SwD Piccolo & SwD Anne) - link link

      - Kitty ear coat set boy & girl (Papi & Puff) - link link

      - Theme park date set boy & girl (Shinn & Lin) - link link

      - Park stroll sets boy & girl (Ayumu & Tanpopo) - link link

      And the outfits without related dolls:

      - Sailor outfits boy & girl (dolls/date unknown) - link

      - Playgame set boy & girl (dolls/date unknown) - link link

      - Mittens & Knit Jacket set (Sweet Valentine Fair 2007) - link link

      - Heart applique rompers (Sweet Valentine Fair 2007) - link

      - Bumblebee and flower blossom sets (June 2007 collection) - link link

      - Bird and rabbit sets (July 2007 collection) - link link

      EDIT: Oh yes, and the brand new Halloween outfits, of which I don't know the names yet and are coming out very soon - link link

      Phew. I think that's all of them. Not including Kuuta & Chinatsu II's outfits. Should I start a Yo outfit listings thread here in the tiny forum or perhaps in the picture requests forum? :XD: Or does someone want to make a webpage for it? I wouldn't mind maintaining a thread on it.
    7. Also, there's a red strawberry dress that's the same as the heart applique romper, the halloween costumes from last year (pumpkin and witch), and the rainy-day sets.

      (I think the red dress came out around Christmas, along with two santa sets?)
    8. Well i would love it if there was a site for volks outfits, for all sizes. But i dont know if I would be intrested in making one, because it is a lot of work and as said i dont know anything and im also new to volks.

      I gotta check those links out later. Looks like many outfits!! :D
    9. Oh yeah, guess I did miss a few. I'll look for pictures/info to add to the list.

      And I definitely wouldn't recommend a complete Volks outfits listing since there's wayyyy too many outfits :sweat But a Yo one wouldn't be too difficult because there aren't even 50 outfits for them (yet)
    10. Technically there are yo volks outfits that don't make it to website as well.

      There's also the LE Dolpa NY2 Kimonos I think there were 25 one of a kind ones. They were one of a kind in that they each had different prints and were made out of vintage kimono fabrics but they were all the same cuts. Each kimono came with: Kimono, Obi, Tabi Socks, and Kanzashi hairclip
      The display model from the event

      There's also the upcoming chef ones I'll get you the links in a bit
    11. I'm currently try to search for outfits online because I like the idea of an outfit listing. There are so many! what do everyone like to know about the clothes? price? when released? who can wear them? Or only the name and a picture of it?
    12. Name and picture, release date, how many there are... how hard they are to get, original price and usual going for price now?

      Maybe we should do a general yo-love site? Where we could list all the Yos, have pictures sent in from people and also have a database listing for the outfits. Id love it. I think for me it gets more intresting if there is also about the dolls, not only the outfits. I could do that. If someone thinks this sounds intresting do PM me ;) :D

      I LOVE the T-strap shoes from these outfits. Volks do sell black and white T-strap shoes on their site now separate but they have a gold buckle, these ones look like silver.
      I would love it if anyone could tell me how much the shoes go for seperatly! Im really intrested in those :D
      They are from
      - Kitty ear coat set boy & girl (Papi & Puff),
      - Playgame set boy & girl (dolls/date unknown)
      - Heart applique rompers (Sweet Valentine Fair 2007)

      Thank you Celesse!
    13. I asked my boyfriend if he could create a script for a big database of volks outfits. I hope he will work on it soon.
    14. Yay :) Because i know nothing about creatin websites, except googles easy bilding thing :P
    15. but I will need a lot of help filling the database with informations and photos. by the way should I add outfits from One Offs and limited Volks dolls too?
    16. Well i could help with get them, sure. I dont know about one offs, but all yosd are limiteds so yeah those outfits too :)
    17. I have a ton of yo-clothes. If anyone does this, I could take pics of my girl in her...sigh...many outfits she never wears.
    18. That is great Sailor :)

      What Tenshi do you want? :D
    19. we need a name for the project/the site. Any ideas?
    20. Ideally, Kasumi, but for now I am having my Chinatsu modded. I send her off tomorrow!

      How would you guys like to see pics? On doll? Off doll? Both? Are you guys going to just start a database here on DoA or should I send pics to someone?