Volks painting classes (School head)

Jun 7, 2017

    1. Hello!
      I'm posting here to ask if any of you have information about Volks painting classes. From what I've read they are in Japan, and it's the chance to get one of the precious Volks school heads.
      I'll be going to Japan later this year, and taking this painting class would be a dream come true. Do you know if they still make them? Where can I find more information?
      I found a page in a very old thread but it's in Japanese and I can barely handle English
      Any information would be helpful! I still haven't made my schedule (and I don't want to do it before I know if I can include this class in it!)

      Thanks in advance
    2. I've never been to one myself, but IIRC they're usually done as part of a Dolpa (Doll Party... 'Sort of a doll collector's convention. Volks host several every year in different cities.) I have no idea how frequently the painting classes happen... if they're part of every Dolpa or just an occasional thing... but sending an email to Volk themselves might get you an answer if there happens to be an event happening in the city you're visiting while you're there.
    3. Thanks! I'll email them