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Volks Pureskin Resin Matches/ Hybrids

Aug 13, 2007

    1. I'm wanting to get a normal skin Angell Studio doll, and it says that it matches volks pureskin. I tried doing a search on the pureskin skin comparison, but with all the new skins popping out, I'm getting confused as to which still matches and all >_<

      anyone has any idea?

      I'm looking for those with a mature body too. Does it match dollzone?
    2. Yep, it matches. Here's a Volks Hewitt II head on an Angell-Studio body. But you need to get the Angell-Studio in urethane so that the texture of the resin matches.




      And some more pictures here.
    3. lol thanks chien ;D

      I was actually meaning, what other skin colours matches Volks Pureskin? Cos I wish to put her on some other body than volks or AS >w<
    4. In that case I have no idea! It sounds like there are a number of moments when something used to match Volks... hrmm... Apparently RealSkin isn't too off-- it's just a tad lighter and with a hint of yellow/pink (I can't remember). It definitely sounds like something that could be evened-out with blushing. 8D
    5. Is putting a Volks SDC head on Kid Delf body possible?
    6. As soon as I find the time, I'll put Arashi's head on Bory's body. I dont think it will work for a resin match, but for size it would probably be okay.
    7. I remember hearing somewhere that Volks is similar to Soom, which is dead-on to Domuya. :XD: If it helps?
    8. Dollzone has a body color they call "normal yellow" which you can try to special order.

      Volks + Dollzone Normal Yellow hybrid:
      Thread about it

      There may be more - search the whole forum for Posts (not threads) containing:
      dollzone volks hybrid

      Re Angell Studio - the plain urethane resin color shown above seems to match Volks but didn't Angell Studio switch their dolls to french resin? Where did I read that?

    9. Hi! I am buying a Volks SDCute girl head without a body and was curious if there are any good body alternatives to the stock Volks SDCute body (since they're not very easy to get a hold of).

      I'm looking for a good resin match, neck proportion and good posability.

    10. Thanks for the links Ginarolo :) I saw a boy SDCute head in there but I'm hoping someone has good bodies for the girl SDCute heads.
    11. I have Volks pureskin head and its almost perfect for Dollzone normal skin (a little bit yellowed). I can't se any visible differences. But as I said, my Dollzone body is quite yellow
    12. I have a Volks msd body that's about to become headless, the Dollstown Seola head is going to grow up to the DT 7yo body. I'd like to get a new head to make another hybrid, but not sure what will match. Any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in a Leeke head, or Raurencio Studio head. I prefer younger looking heads. Thanks for any help! :)
    13. I'd love to know if a Leeke head would work with this body. Anyone have any ideas? :)
    14. Thank you for the link, I'll check out that thread. I know Volks heads would work, but I was looking for a head I could just order from a company and not have to troll the marketplace hoping to find one for sale. :)
    15. Ahh, thank you for the info and the links, it's much appreciated! :)
    16. anyone have a comparison of Peakswoods and Volks NS?? I might wanna put my Dollgru #12 head on the new lolita body from peakswoods! and Dollgru matches Volks xD so either way! some kind of comparison please!