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Volks Rainy Day Fair - 6/25/2005

Jun 19, 2005

    1. That 119 wig is really nice, too.


      Ann in CT
    2. Hehhe, that's on my hubby's birthday. ^.^
    3. Yay for Cancer babies! Mine is the day before. :)
    4. Well I hadn't seen them, so thanks for posting :grin:
    5. Kyotenshi wigs! :o

      I'd been tempted by some I saw on auctions but at 15,000 yen and up it was too much. This is great! Thanks for the info!
    6. Hey fellow June babies! I'm celebrating mine on the 29th! :D Here's hoping all our dolly wishes come true!

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    7. I really want that 120D for my Heath! But I can never order through Volks - it just won't go through. Very frustrating. :|
    8. So when can these be ordered... if at all??? I like the 120D too.. and having just received some volks wigs - I really like the quality. But its too costly on Yahoo.. with buying fees etc.
    9. Volks says:

      Style : Short shaggy cut, Wet wig
      To Fit : DD
      Price : 3,990yen

      Does anyone know if the DD wigs fits SD13? :?
    10. I was wondering that myself.. but they show it on a SD.. and while I was browsing Yahoo tonight.. there are DD wigs and in the description it says - fit small head SD boys.

      So as I want one for Michele I think I am pretty safe as he has a small head. And Ryung has a small head too.. so i guess she would be ok with DD wigs as well.
    11. DD wigs do fit some small head SD13s. I saw a note about it in one of the Volks stores recently. It mentioned Anais and Madoka specifically, I'm not sure who else. At another store I saw a Heath modeling a DD wig but it didn't look very good on him. I don't know if that was because the wig was tight or they just didn't put it on well.
    12. UPDATE with vague descriptions..... :roll:

      La Personal Collection New Products
      25.June.2005 Sales Start

      Tail-coat dress set
      One-piece dress set
      Mini-skirt set
      Kimono style dress set
      White robe style dress set
    13. The Rainy Day Fair is going on RIGHT NOW.

      I was able to get the MSD pink raincoat outfit. I tried to go back and get another (a friend wanted me to see if I could get it for her while she is out of town), but it said sold out. It may have just said that because it's an LE item and Volks doesn't like it when a person buys more than one of each item when it's LE.

      I just went back while I was logged out of my Volks account, and there are still "a little bit left over" on the pink MSD outfit. I don't know about the other ones.

      Good luck to those participating in the Rainy Day Fair!
    14. Everything is showing sold out at this moment, logged in or not. Le sigh.

      I will be hunting one in the future on ebay. :crushed
    15. http://www.volks.co.jp/en/goods/index_goods.aspx?sbct=53&page=1&parts=20

      They have some of the Yo-SD cat outfits up right now.... They seem to be adding things every couple of minutes at the moment (they also have a really snazzy MSD suit on roughly page 11- my kingdom for an MSD or SDC boy to wear it!)

      edit : Whoo! My first time ordering directly from Volks' website.... Wow, their shipping prices really are scary :shudder Looking forward to the outfit though! (hopefully my boy will like it...)
    16. Dress for SDC


      But who is the girl?
    17. Ah thought they were being sneaky. :wink: