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Volks releases Reitenshi!

Feb 25, 2007

    1. Or you could say volks gave them out as gifts. So far volks has not said they are selling them so they are not an official release.
    2. Yes, that is true, they were gifts and not for sell. But I was using the word "release" to mean that they were finally shown to the public.

    3. I agree with release as they were released to the public (even as gifts). It would be like saying that Sei's were never released, but yet they gave them out to the public numerous times at public events. So, I see it as release.

      Anyway, thanks for the pics and it is totally silly to argue about the title. ^_^
    4. I just added my comment as people that are new to the Rei will want to buy them as its in the news area.

      Not a biggie please ignor my correction if it makes no sense to you (I agree it is silly to argue about the title) just informing to make it more clear.