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Volks releasing 2 new Dollfie Dream characters

Feb 22, 2008

    1. Hi!

      Thanks to n66x I found out about this news today.

      New collaboration models


      Sendo Erika and Kuze Kiriha from a pc game Fortune Arterial by August.
      They have pretty and stylish school uniforms.

      Sendo Erika
      24mm metalic animetic eyes
      DDH-16 head (yup that's what's written, see the discussion thread for my tentative DD head molds list so far)
      DDII body, normal skin, M bust

      Kuze Kiriha
      24mm metalic animetic eyes
      Original Kuze Kiriha head
      DDII body, normal skin, M bust

      ¥51,450 each
    2. Volks USA should have them for lottery or for sale a month after the sale in Japan.
    3. Volks started using 24MM eyes on DD's since last August, before that they were using 22MM as a standard for most DDs (sometimes 20MM), but since this summer they are doing more and more 24MM eyes. It's only half the eye inside the head really, if not there would be no room for that peg that's in there hehehee.