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Volks releasing snow & sunlight pureskin hands & feet!

Mar 22, 2006

    1. feel free to delete this or merge if someone has already posted about it... but I was at the Tenshi No Sato anniversary event this past weekend, and low and behold they had snow skin and sunlight skin pureskin hands and feet (for MSD, SD and SD13!) I just about freaked out!

      (I could finally get an extra set of hands for my MSD kids!)

      I don't know yet whether they'll be releasing these at the other Sumikas as well, or if it's just Tenshi No Sato. Sorry I don't have more information really...! I'll try and post a photo of which parts are available later. (my camera is still in transit from Japan)
    2. YESH!:)

      If you don't mind me asking too, did you happen to notice snow tabi feet? Idris has been pining for a pair. And maybe some new hands.
    3. yup, they have tabi feet for all sizes and colors now. ^_^ (if I remember right!) hopefully they will release them in all the stores!
    4. So, my question is - FCS white or LE white?
    5. FCS white, imho
    6. Fenella will be pleased!

      I wonder if heel feet will be made?
    7. You can bet not, since they don't even make them in normal tone. -_-
      Oh how I wished, thats one reasin why I have an oldskin.

    8. I got the SD13 Boy H-01 and H-02 hands in sunlight and they had the H-03 hands as well. (In hindsight, I shoulda grabbed the tabi feet too. ^^; )

      I didn't think to take a tally of everything they had but it looks like they had tabi feet for all the skins and sizes. I know Aimee and my roommate got the snowskin tabi feet for MSD. I think there was a list in the dolpa book... I'll scan it tonight if I can find it.

      We tried asking if they were going to have these at the Sumikas and they weren't sure, but the answer wasn't a definite no, so there is hope. =)
    9. I took a picture of the ad from the dolpa book that lists out the parts. Sorry it's not so great.

      I can't tell for sure but I think all those parts are available in both snowskin and sunlight? (Assuming you can get to Tenshi no Sato of course...)
    10. Thanks for taking the pic! :D

      It says that they're making the optional parts available due to lots of requests from owners.

      All the parts are available in pureskin FCS white (not LE BW) and sunlight.

      It also says that "at first" they will be available at Tenshi no Sato. So while it doesn't directly say anything about the Sumikas, the "at first" hopefully implies that they may make them available at Sumikas later.

      And looks like they're basically offering the same optional parts that are available in normal skintone. Niiiice. At last my FCS white boy shall have more choices! (^o^) (Though if I'd known they were going to do this, I wouldn't have gotten him the now-available H-05s, damnit, I would've gotten something FCS only! Foo!)
    11. And here they are, starting to show up on Y!JA already:

      MSD parts:

      SD parts:

      SD13 boy parts:

      They're all white, for the record.. the little sticker on the box with the "Pureskin" label says "PS white". I hope someone will put some sunlight ones up soon too, just because it'll be fun to see them! (^^)

      Awww, thanks, Aimee, I really appreciate the thought! But don't worry, I shouldn't be thinking about it till I have more money to spare. ;)