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Volks Rozen Maiden - Are Souseiseki & Suiseiseki the same face sculpt?

Jul 2, 2007

    1. Hi, bit of an urgent question here.. are both of the two new Volks Rozen Maiden dolls the same face sculpt? I belive they are but just wanted to verify it. Thanks!
    2. It may be late... Yet, yes, the RM twins are the same headmold just with a different face-up.
    3. Actually, no. They look extremely similar but they are not exactly the same. The shape of their eyes are the same as I can tell, but they have slightly different lips and noses. Souseiseki also has a squarer jaw. :)
    4. Well, when they're twins it makes sense ^^
    5. Lishe and El are supposed to be twins, and they are not in truth ^^

      Scube, isn't it just a matter of face-up? To me they are the same :/
    6. Naja (i don't know a fiting english expression), but a boy and a girl as twins don't have to look the same, the are not genetic identical, two girls are another thing ;)

      And sure, it's always a matter of face-up ^^

      And I can see a family likeness in the faces of Lishe and El... but this I can see in the faces of all the Luts dolls ^^
    7. I never seen the Volks Rozen Maiden. IS there a link I can see them?
    8. Thank you for this thread. According to Where Angels Lie, it is the same mold...but I agree, the jaws do look not quite the same except for the shot of both heads together and facing front. There, they really do look alike.

      I am buying both twins, so believe me, I have studied photos daily (often clawing at the screen to try and touch them)...but until today I thought both costumes were black. I had wondered about the "jade and lapis" quote, and saw one photo somewhere in which the dress had a green tinge...but with an overexposed shot on these links it is clear that one is blue and the other green. What a nice surprise!
    9. on Photobucket I saw other dolls too, Suigintou and Barasishou...
      Are those custom-made? They were very pretty.
    10. Volks hasn't released Suigintou and Barasishou so if they are BJd those dolls are customized
    11. okay, thanks!
    12. Can we discuss this again please? Does anyone have comparison pics of these heads together?
    13. I have both dolls and they are the same head mold. I'll try to get some photos up in a day or two...a little swamped right now. The faceups are a little dif...Suis has more colour than Sous.
    14. Suiseiseki's face has more of a pinky touch to it, Sou's has a more peach/brown hues.

      Other than that, they are the same. XD
    15. I have both heads too (don't ask....), definitely the same sculpt....
    16. Thats great to know, thank you everyone :)
    17. This might be slightly off-topic, and this thread is kinda old, but how many of these dolls were released?
    18. WOW, soooo much to learn! I am just trying to decide what size doll I would like to get for my first, and all of this helps so much.