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Volks Rozen Maiden SD Shinku Doll

Dec 21, 2005

    1. http://ishop.tbs.co.jp/tbs/special/rozen-maiden/index.html

      is anyone here a fan of rozen maiden? i almost died when i saw this online. i've seen so many attempts from doll-owners online to try to customize their bjds into rozen maidens and frankly, i really haven't seen impressive results. it only makes sense that volks would try to make their own rozen maiden adaptation. :drool i wonder if they're going to make a souseiseki? it'd be cool if they did one of all the rozen maidens.

      anywhoo, i know this doll is only gonna be sold at this years dollparty. (sad) does anyone know if there's ANY hope of getting one outside this event?
    2. Flippin' hell... Am I reading it correctly? Shinku is limited to a 100 (big surprise!) but will be sold exclusively through TBS' i-shop? :crushed
    3. I eventually plan to customize my dolls into Rozen Maidens. I'll end up having to do it myself though since by the time I can afford a big doll she'll be SO expensive..
    4. Is it just me or does she not really look like Shinku? XD

      I would love a Suigintou though. <3
    5. does anyone know which headmold official shinku has? because it looks fat.
    6. She's an original, limited headmold.

      Geez, only 100. Now that's harsh. x_x I'm not really one for girl dolls, but I find Shinku's sculpt fascinating...
    7. I think Volks made her look more like a porcelain doll, is all. Not "fat". She's rather pretty; wish they had more photos of her...
    8. She looks adorable to me. She looks a lot like the anime version. I can't wait until the second half of the series comes out.
    9. I've heard a ton about this series, but I can't find a summery of it...it looks pretty from the art I've seen...but what's the premise? Can someone summerize in a few sentances?
    10. Rozen Maiden - season one
      Rozen Maiden - season two (Traumend)

      Basically...dolls (which highly resemble BJD) that, when wound, come to life. For reasons unknown, they are destined by their maker to participate in the "Alice Game" by fighting against one another. Or sort of fighting, anyway. The winner of the Alice Game will become "real" or more "complete"...

      ...I think. XD
    11. Hum, they *are* BJD. You can see clearly the joints in the show and the manga ^_^U
    12. I mean, it's clear that their designs are "influenced" by Volks Super Dollfie in particular. I don't think anyone can deny that the popularity of Rozen Maiden as a series has a lot to do with the popularity of SD (and BJD in general). Yes, that includes the gothic lolita clothing styles, the details given to the joints in certain scenes, ect. They could be any dolls, with or without joints, yet it seems to me that they were purposely based heavily on SD.

      Anyway, ball-jointed or not, they're something "else", too, since they can be wound up and brought to life. If they were "just" BJD, they'd be a lot less trouble, I would imagine. =^^=;;
    13. I thought I read something about her being sold in the after event too, so.. I can't say how limited she is.
    14. Yeah, Rozen Maiden sounded to me the like an anime influenced a bit by BJDs. I don't know watching the first few episodes kinda gave it away. XD Lol. But that is stunting. *_____* I never thought they'd make Shinku versions like that <33
    15. I'm betting she's not sold at the AE at all. ;-; She seems super limited....like Traditional Madoka (who was also not offered at the AE). She's really cute.
    16. The winner gets to meet their maker. <3
    17. Interesting indeed o.o
      Kind of like Angelic Layer?
    18. no cause the dolls in Rozen Maiden are pretty much people already, just in little doll bodys/with magic powers. They do needs a "medium" to get energy from, but other than that they're totally seperate beings. =)
    19. She's nice.. but not really like Shinku.. :oops:
      But good for me XD I would love to get one of girls from Rozen Maiden but not with price like Shinku has... lolz