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Volks School B Eye Size Question

Feb 25, 2007

    1. Hi,

      I was wondering if anyone had any idea what size eyes School B takes. I've heard 16 mm from a friend, but I could have sworn I saw one on Y!J with 18. Can it take either?

      Any help would be appreciated. :)
    2. 18 and 20mm. 16 mm leaves slight gaps on the sides since B's eyeholes are large.
    3. I would deeply appreciate it if anyone with School B heads could post photos and tell me what eye size you use. Is 18mm big enough?

      Thank you~
    4. Hi Merangel,

      My School B, Yume, wears 18mm glass eyes, which seem to suit her quite well. I've also tried 16mm and 20mm in her, but the 16mm seemed to make her look surprised, and the 20mm ate up the whites of her eyes ^^;

      Also, from what I have read in a Dolpa thread, the standard wig and eyes kits that people purchased at Dolpas for their art class heads came with 18mm for School B's.

      16mm glass:

      18mm glass (high dome):

      20mm acrylic:

      gray 18mm (high dome) and teal 20mm ED Sweety (flat) comparison. The ED seemed a bit smaller than the gargantuan 20mm acrylic eyes above

      Hope this is helpful!
      :daisy Bri
    5. Thank you, Yuminoir! You are an angel.

      I had posted this question somewhere else, where I had found the same questions for School A and School C...but not B. Thank you, Mods, for moving it.

      Seeing the sizes and their explanations was most helpful.

      I was going to buy some 18mm Zouks from a wonderful member. She showed me a photo of them in a School B before I actually bought...and they looked very small. Like the shot you have of 16mm...so I decided not to buy. Perhaps I was wrong.

      But I do like the look of 20mm for the younger character I am planning. Or possibly I just like more colour.

      But, Yuminoir, your post was a great help to me and I am grateful.
    6. The problem is that the iris size varies so much in eyes, even within the same styles! I think for School B you'll need at least an 18/10mm (10mm iris) eye. I have lots of big-eyed dolls, and it can be a pain making sure you get an eye that's large enough, but not too large. Also make sure the pupil doesn't look too small in comparison to the iris, that can give your dolls a strange appearance!

    7. :lol: My dolls somehow can not help having a 'strange appearance'. Maybe they just do it to make me look better...but there is always a little quirk in their get-along.

      Thanks for the advice! I think the iris wasn't a great enough diameter on the Zouks, which might explain why they looked a little weird*_*

      Anybody know of 20mm Brown Zouks wandering around looking for a home?