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Volks School Head C eye size?

Mar 30, 2006

    1. I've been doing little searches, but haven't found anything that helped me at all.

      I was wondering how many people here have experience with/own a School C, and what works. I bought mine from a Y!J auction which said it took 18mm eyes, but 16mm fit perfectly.

      The other thing I was wondering about is bodies; what bodies work? I've tried the head on a SD13, and it just sits way to high to work. XD; (That doesn't bother me, since my Sch C is suppose to be a girl) So, what bodies have people tried them with? Does SD13 girl work? Does it look like a bobble head on a SD body?

      ^^ Any infomation would be excellent.
    2. The School C head was made to be flexible gender-wise, so it can suit all bodies. Personally though I agree and think it's a little small for SD13 boy bodies because of the neck to the undefined jaw ;x But I find School C looks fine on SD/SD13 girl bodies.

      As for eyes, it always depends. :daisy Like Aya comes standard with 18mm eyes, but I think she looks best in 20mm, and I think the yosd look nicer in smaller eyes.
    3. My SH C fits an SD10 boy body best, but I plan on getting him an SD13 Long Leg boy body anyway and modifying it 'til it looks right since that is what suits my character Grey. He'll be sharing a body with Lex (SD13 Tony) for awhile though. He's wearing 18mm Volks acrylics for now but I'm planning on getting him either 16mm Sooms or 17mm Materpiece (or both). I think SH C looks spacey enough with out the added doe-eyed effect of 18mm eyes. Depends on the personality.

      SH C would look great on an SD13 girl body for sure!
    4. I wonder if you'd be able to swap the torsos of the two bodies! That way you'd have all the height of the long legged boy, but the neck would still match without having to mod the crap out of it.
    5. I'm afraid I need him to have a certain amount of girth through the chest area so that he looks like a member of his family, none of the Harding men are petite.

      I don't mind the modding too much, I had to do it once already when I fit Idris' head (El) on his body (SD13 Kohya). :)
    6. I've tried my School C on an SD10 girl body to check out neck size, and it fit beautifully. No bobble-headedness, either. Although he's currently on an SD13 boy body, the neck thickness is... unsettling XD;; so uh, yeah, as you noticed that doesn't go over so well without some modding.

      And I've currently got 17mm (masterpiece) eyes in my guy, and they do the trick. Mind you he's also had 18 and 16mm eyes, and those seemed to work too. I think it depends in part on the eyes ^^;;
    7. This was a School C on Y!J, although it was modded. Still quite lovely. I like the idea of a School C on a SD13 body. :3
    8. My School C works fine on my SD13 New pureskin body. She has in 16mm eyes. She's the one in the pink dress

    9. Cristylee-- She(Brice?) is so beautiful!!
      She has such a great expression.
      I would love to see more of her!
    10. Yes, that's Brice. Here's a few more!

    11. brice is so gorgeous.. as are your clothes you make :D
    12. Thanks so much!
      I just love that attitude!
    13. if you will neas a SD10 body for her- I have one (Kun from volks) for sale ^^
    14. I adore School-C girls. X3
    15. Can anybody tell me what eye size does school head c take? Thanks a lot!
    16. I have mine in 16mm. 18mm seems like it'd be too big. :ablah: They've got tiny little eyewells!
    17. Thanks a lot! I almost bought her 18mm:sweat . Now I have start looking 16mm eyes.
    18. 16mm looks nice, 14mm has abit of holes at the side
      the 18mm i tried to pop inside can't even be positioned properly.
      If you just measure the eye, its actually about 15mm, some places do sell 15mm which I believe will work well too ^_^
    19. I put 18's in Grey's head, but I wanted him to have an all iris, spacy look. 16's would be more natural and focused looking. :)