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Volks School Head C

Oct 23, 2006

    1. I adore the Volks School Head C - but i dont recall ever having seen a beauty white School head C, only normal skin ones ~~ does the School head C comes in BW? Does anyone know?

      Thanks :)
    2. It comes in just normal skin, unless of course if Volks uses the mold for one-offs then there may be white skinned ones as well (but good luck finding such a doll).

    3. Ahh well, that's what i thought... sadly no BW School Head C for this girl then!

      Thank you for your help <3
    4. You're welcome, I'm in the process of putting together a Sch C girl too ^_^

    5. You have beautiful dolls~~ good luck with your project :)
    6. So, now that I'm in Japan, I have definite plans to drop by Sato one day and take the painting class so I can get my long-desired School C head. However, Kyoto is a bit of a ride from Tokyo, and I don't want to go alllll the way over there if I'm not going to be getting my C head.

      Volks' English website is severely lacking in anything even remotely resembling information, and I can't read much Japanese, but from what I've gathered ALL of the painting classes listed on the Japanese site (http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/volks/tenshinosato/reserve.aspx
      ) are ONLY selling A and B heads. From what little I've seen of the barely-there Dolpa 16 site, their painting class isn't selling Cs either.

      Can someone who either knows more kanji than me or knows what's going on tell me what's happening? I don't want to resort to buying a drastically overpriced head from Y!J, and I'd like the experience of the painting class as well.

      Apologies if this has already been discussed. Every time I try to do a search I get some kind of weird server error.
    7. I was hoping to bring home a School C head as well in the near future (though presumably from Y!J), but this doesn't bode well... :(
    8. School C is a limited classroom head sold at Dolpa15 in May 2006
      I believe you can now only purchase through YJA or marketplace on doll boards
    9. ...Weren't they selling them at Sato painting classes for a while though?

      I swear I saw somewhere that they had sold them at Sato. I don't think I imagined it. O_o

      Edit. They were at Dolpa 14...http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/event/dolpa14/dsc_c.html
    10. School C isn't normally an overpriced head, you can usually find them for around $300.
    11. Weren't they like Y20000-ish originally though? If that's the case, then that's a decent markup... though not half as bad as most Volks dolls, admittedly.

      Ideally I'd like to find one for about $250. I'll keep crossing my fingers, I guess.

      (It occurs to me that I can't remember where I got ANY of this information.)
    12. $250 is possible on eBay or DoA, but with fees from Yahoo!Japan it'd probably be a lot more difficult.
    13. Volks sells A & B or A & C, it's random.
      They didn't stop making (selling) C Heads.
      So please don't worry :) You will be able to get C Head someday!

    14. So there's really no way to tell which heads they'll have at any given class except to show up and see for yourself?

      Well. That's frustrating. >>;

    15. Well, it seems Dolpa's schools usually have A&C, Sato faceup schools A&B.
      I don't know why this time they chose A&B, but C's market price isn't so high and we can often see at auctions.
      Good luck to you ;)

    16. Eee, thanks. Just my luck that they chose A & B NOW. Well, I'll still be here for the next Dolpa in May, maybe I'll either luck out then or break down and buy a head off Y!J.

      Thanks for the help, everyone!!
    17. When they opened faceup school in Kobe (I participated in it), the paper for it said they would sell A & C, but in fact they sold A & B at that thime :sweat
      It seems Volks sometimes do such mistakes. So there is a bare possibility of mistake, too :sweat (I recalled it suddenly~.)

      Anyway, I wish you can get one soon and by a reasonable price ;)
    18. And just so you know, getting in the face-up class is not always easy. ^^;;

      I planned to be on vacation in Japan when a face-up class was offered and I did not get in. ^^;;

      I believe, if you're not fluent in Japanese you're less likely to get accepted since space is limited.

      You are also required to have certain supplies with you for the classes at Sato. (I think the Sato classes are smaller and you actually paint a head yourself during the class, while the Dolpa class is larger and more a talk with slides. I've applied to both and not gotten into either. ^^ )
    19. If you can't purchase one at a painting class, I suggest keeping an eye out for a private sale such as here or eBay. I snagged a Sch C head for $235 including international shipping, and it even had a decent face-up by a Yahoo!JP artist, though I wiped it as it wasn't what I wanted or really to my liking, but that's besides the point ^^