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Volks SD 2008 Renewal Version?

Dec 1, 2008

    1. I saw on the Volks website they have SDG Nana 2008 Renewal Version and SDG Nana, along with the other 4 sisters. What is the differnce between the 2? Thanks :)
    2. The Renewal versions come with different face-ups. :)
    3. Ah.. ok thank you :)
    4. The Renewal versions are also cast in UV Protect resin, have UV coating on their faceups, and come with KIPS and magnetic headcaps. ;)
    5. Hmmm, I thought all of the Pureskin dolls were cast in the UV Protect resin, or that they've been UV protect for a while. :? Or has it just been the limiteds and not the standard dolls?

      I forgot about the KIPS being included, that's a nice bonus.
    6. I have seen mention of Kips before, but what is it?
      Does the UV make a difference if I plan on redoing the faceup?
    7. Nope, it was just the limiteds -- Mark and Elena, being the most recent standards, were cast in UV Protect, but all of the others were only available in normal pureskin until the renewal. ^^

      KIPS are small round discs made of silicone that are inserted into a BJD's joints -- they help stabilize posing, in a similar capacity as sueding.

      As for the UV Protect resin, it doesn't matter if you keep or wipe the faceup -- the UV Protect agent in the resin acts to prevent the whole doll from yellowing, not just the head. The UV coating on the default faceup is an extra layer of security to help protect the makeup, but you can re-do that by spraying your new faceup with a UV-cut sealant (MSC UV-cut, ZM spray).
    8. Ohh...KIPS sound cool.
      UV Protected Resin what a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for the info. I'm really excited to get a Volks Nana now.
      :starcookie mmm...christmas cookies, I just saw the holiday themed smilies :treecookie
    9. Question! My first girl is likely going to be an SD Kun Renewal, and I've seen three or so different kinds of body measurements for the SD Renewal (well, SD10 Renewal).

      Does anyone have SD Renewal measurements for the girls? I feel like I've picked this forum apart, but I'm such a Volks newbie that any help would be greatly appreciated.
    10. The bodies of the SDs have not changed, only the type of resin and the face ups. The measurements are still exactly the same as before. If you look at the sticky at the top of this forum there is a measurement for SD10 girls.
    11. Thanks; I wasn't sure if the Renewals were different since Volks lists her as 55 CM, and the list had her at 58. I didn't want to make or buy anything too big or too short.
    12. Word to the wise: never trust company measurements.
    13. LOL, nice! Well, at least I know now. Thanks! She may just be wearing her slip set till I get her and make clothes myself.