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Volks SD boys -- Not as popular as SD13 boys?

May 31, 2005

    1. I notice most of the FCS for male dolls are SD13. Do people just prefer SD13 boys over SD10 boys? I'm assuming people like their men older than younger :wink: I'm just curious, as I saw an SD10 boy body and fell in love, but wondered why I hadn't seen that body around as often. I'm not asking about jointed or non-jointed; I know SD10 come in jointed torsos. Just curious as to peoples opinions on SD10 boys and SD13 boys.
    2. I may be completely wrong but I'm under the impression that SD13 boys are... new and improved designs that sit and stand better? :oops:

      My boy is a SD10. I fell in love with his face, so I had to have him. (I think G has a rather mature face for a SD10.) But I realize that owning a SD10 boy has its setbacks. The most frustrating of which is the relative inavailability of clothes! :cry: SD10 girls still have lots of clothes to choose from but SD10 boys... I can't even find more than 1 or 2 outfits on Yahoo!Japan. Sometimes there are none at all. :cry:

      G has a non-jointed body, which I love. He can stand just fine but he won't sit unless his back is being supported. :oops: But I love him very much and I wouldn't give him up for a SD13. :grin:

      Afterthought: I wonder if a jointed SD10 torso allows for easier posing...?
    3. I would assume the jointed SD10 boy torso would be easier to pose.

      So, SD10 don't have improved knees, right? They're kinda chubby and undefined?

      Just curious, as I've set my sites on owning an F20 SD10 boy.

      http://kakyuu.0catch.com/FCS/shortlonglegs.jpg <-- is this picture of 2 SD13 boys (one long leg, one short) or an SD13 and an SD10(jointed)? (I'm leaning towards the latter)
    4. I don't know how a SD10's knees compare with other dolls, especially with a SD13's, because G is the only doll I have. But you can see G's knees here. :oops:
    5. That's an SD13 and an SD10 with a jointed torso =)
    6. Oh, goody! I thought so! ^.^ Such a cute little body! It'll be a year or so before I can get my f20, but I plan on making a cute little dork/geek out of him :: love ::
    7. yeah my boy is SD10 sized... impossible to find him clothing! T_T
    8. I think someone on this forum actually has an SD13 with an SD10's nonjointed torso. I really like the look of the SD10's body, but I haven't the faintest idea how I could get just the SD10 torso and not the rest of it. Plus, the limbs might look a little too big, for the torso, and hinder the original proportions -- especially 'cause my Valerius is supposed to be taller. x3;
    9. i know fyredancer changed her syo to have an sd10 torso with sd13 joints.
    10. That would be us. =D We put our Syo on an SD10 torso, then put his SD13 arms and legs back on.

      We bought an SD10 body, headless, off E-bay for $350. When the body arrived, Kuwamiko put Syo's head on it, and his arms and legs looked horribly stubby. An SD13 head on an SD10 body definitely looked disproportionate. (I think the SD10 heads are smaller? But I've seen some SD10 heads, such as Kun, that look great on a 13 body, so I think it depends on the head.)

      So we took off all his SD10 limbs, and replaced the limbs with the SD13 limbs.


      You can see from this leg joint comparison that the difference is not that great, for the thigh itself. The SD13 limb (the one attached to the body) has a bigger ball. This is a little more unsightly, but it helps him pose better. When Shouta was on the SD10 body with the SD10 limbs, he kept flopping over. Once we replaced the limbs, he was much easier to pose because the bigger ball joints lock with the torso when he's sitting.


      The difference between the arms is HUGE. Like I said, they looked stubby. But this was with an SD13 head. I've seen Brightangel's SD10 Kyotenshi, Avery, in person and he didn't look stubby at all. It was just Shouta's bigger head that made it look all disproportionate. So we replaced his arms, too.

      The result, voila: [​IMG] ...I don't think it looks bad at all, though his shoulders are a bit broad.
    11. I really love your Shoutaro, Fyredancer! :D
      Maybe I'll also get a Sho, some day! :daisy
    12. Thank you Barbara! We've invested a lot of time and love in the little guy, so he's really special to our family.
    13. Wow, Fyredancer... <XD Its a shame that just buying my FCS would bankrupt me, or I'd mimic you! That's such a nice look!

      >.>;; Lucky I want a short boy or I'd every penny I had getting him longer limbs! <XD!
    14. I think many people like a more mature look for larger dolls, so they prefer SD13. I am actually considering getting an SD boy too, though, I think they're cute. :chibi And I see it as a good thing that they can share some clothes with SD10 girls!

      I found a site that has a comparison between an SD13 boy (F-17) and a SD boy (F-19) w/a jointed torso and the long leg option, but it says "no direct linking" on the other pages so I won't post it here, you can PM me though if you'd like it.
    15. *jaw hits floor* I didn't know they made a jointed Sd10 body.... *wants*
    16. There really is a huge size difference between the SD10 and SD 13. I was sewing for my boys yesterday and AMAZINGLY - except for the length - the trousers fit both boys - and I am talking fairly fitted trousers.
      I will post some pictures within the hour.

      I have the same boy as you shimmering cat...a beautiful Michelle!
    17. Waaah! I just came from looking around your site and your Dominique is lovely! :grin: When I have the budget, I may commission shirts and stuff because poor G has hardly any clothes to wear. :cry:
    18. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my web page..LOL... well I had all good intentions of fixing it and updating.. but its like a lot of good plans!!

      But my son is urging me now.. and he has sort of taken over designing a new page.. I will just have to supply the photos and content.. so it MIGHT get done!

      I have just finished this outfit.. It was originally made for Dominque/SD10/Michele... and the only difference is the length of the trousers.. he has exactly the same ones.. just a wee bit shorter - I didnt alter my pattern anywhere else. I was surprised!
      The sleeve are shorter on the jacket on SD13.. but that was by design so the cuffs of the shirt hang down.


      Rest of the pics are here.. in various stages of undress... I will try to take some pics of this on a SD 10 body.. so you can compare.

    19. Look at his body and tell me why we love sd13 boys! :D


      hee. no disrespect to SD10 boys, but SD13 boys have SUCH HOT abs....

      Or maybe not enough people post SD10 boys and their bodies.... *nudges shimmeringcat* more semi-nekkid shots please!!! *grins and rubs hands greedily*

      Unnamed Heath: Could you get me a gym membership at Souldoll? They look like they have fantastic trainers....

      (uh oh.... XD)
    20. Hee... that must be why I don't like SD13 as much. I'm not into muscular men... then again, I'm not into feminine men (thus my aversion to the CP male body). I like a nice medium: sturdy but boyish. Basically, I like my men medium-built and a little squishy -- good for hugging. (I snagged me a tall, thin-but-squishy one! :: pokes him happily, but is swatted away :: )

      x_x This is also why I've had such a hard time finding a male doll. I'm so glad I finally saw an SD10 body and the F20 head. They are absolutely perfect. Who knows -- I may need an older companion/brother for my F20, the strong protective sort, and maybe then I'll invest in a SD13-type boy

      I have a good period of time to save up (still need Soah, or my F20 will be so lonely!), but I've never had my heart so set on a male doll before... gah... I'm already planning which side of my lap he'll sit on when I'm holding him and Soah together... <XD