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Volks SD Magical Michael turning yellow? o.O

Jan 7, 2007

    1. Ive had Kodona since June of 2006 and ive noticed that he looks a bit...yellow. He still looks ok, and he was a somewhat off color to begin with when compared to just about every other doll I could find..but i think its gotten worse since box-opening day.

      My question is this: has anyone else who has a magical michael experienced the same thing?

      and also...how much sunlight is too much? Currently Kodona's home is on top of my bookshelf, in front of my windows...but he's boxed in on 3 sides by white foamboard....So when the sun DOES shine through the window in the morning...its just kind of a backlit glow behind the foamboard.

      Im startint to wonder if maybe that could be too much sun...I dont see why it should be...its not bright at all...OR harsh..it never gets anywhere near him directly...and hardly even indirectly...buuuut yeah..

      Kodona has also been pulled, poked, prodded, stroked, scrubbed, passed around, and taken random field trips nearly every day since he's arrived.

      In conclusion:

      He's very well loved. Should I blame it on love? Or the sunlight? :sweat
    2. Well, all loved dolls will yellow to some extent and Volks normal skin is a bit more on the yellow side than most of the other companies. I do know of a few Volks non UV protected pureskin dolls that have some severe yellowing from a relatively short amount of normal play. I've noticed the non UV cut Volks resin has a tendancy to yellow quicky and severely compared to their other resins.

      Is he UV protectant resin? If not, you might want to give him an all over coat with UV cut MSC to retard the yellowing process.

      Sorry if I sound a bit confusing, I'm sick and on medication. XD
    3. no, that makes sense :) and I dont think he is UV protected...I'll have to look into some UV MSC now~
    4. I'm pretty sure Magical Michael, being a more recent release, is UV protected.
    5. Hmm o.O I couldve sworn he came RIGHT before the switch..or somethin like that...crap...now i really AM gunna have to go do my homework..
    6. I have a Magical Micheal ^.^ I have had him since Nov.05 and he doesnt look yellow at all. He doesnt toooo much sunlight but he does get some. It could be he is dirty too. I would clean him then see if he is lighter. Or it could be a little of both. I think some Volks dolls do yellow more then others. My Megu is almost two years old and she looks like she is right out of the box and she is well loved ^.^;; while other people have had their dolls for a year and they are yellow.
      Magical Micheals dont have the UV cut resin, only the much newer dolls do.

      ..I think I rambled a bit..
    7. versus other Volks dolls, I doubt you would notice a difference, but they have yellow undertones vs. other dolls with pinky undertones. Could be a reason why Volks dolls seem to yellow faster as well...
    8. Well, that's odd. x__X My MSD f-10 doesn't have UV coat and isn't yellow at all, and he's well over a year old and very well loved.

      Bunny, it could very well be that he's dirty. Winter's had that problem, and once I took a Magic eraser to him he looked much better.
    9. Wow, you know, I was just thinking the same thing about my Magical Michael...for the most part he is out of direct light but I wasn't sure if he was yellowing or if he just looks more yellow in comparison to my other dollies.

      I looked inside his headcap and he does seem to be more yellow on the outside than he is on the inside of the headcap so...:?

      I don't take him outside, except for his trip to the Volks mansion for the Halloween party, he has stayed at home indoors. He gets ambient sunlight but the room he is in is not sunny, so short of keeping him in his box, I am not sure I could protect him any better, and I like seeing my dolls, so the box idea is out.

      He seems to be evenly yellowed, not like his clothing protected parts of his body, no "tan lines" so maybe it is particular to this batch of resin? I got my Michael at the Volks USA store.

      Anyhow, it doesn't spoil him for me so it is all good :)

      It will be interesting to see how these dolls look in 15 or 20 years. I hope they don't all turn mustard colored... :sweat
    10. Magical Michael doesn't have UV protect skin. At that Dolpa, only Toppi had UV protect skin and she is the first doll who has one at Volks.

      To avoid turning yellow, you should cut light as possible as you can. But even if he turned reall yellow, you can change him to UV protect one through Volks. (Volks USA might not asscept it now, but they will start it soon, I think :) )
    11. How exactly does this change happen? Do you have to pay more or do you just give them your old doll? If so, what happens to the old doll? *_* And is this limited to normal skin?
    12. O_o? I've been wondering why USA (or Europe) people often take dolls under the sun since I knew here DoA. Isn't this fact popular? If so, Volks and other companies should tell them to people more... Yellowish is caused by ultraviolet rays, chemicals for drawing casts etc. Bad "sanding" makes many points which touch air and they are easy to turn yellow, too...
      So I never play with my dolls under the sun. To keep cast dolls in the box for a long months is bad for doll-yellowing, too, so I often open the box and change the air in the boxes. I don't do sanding by myself, because it often causes yellowish, I heard and actually have seen many times at auction or web sites.
      But my friend who knows cast doll for years and do custom very well said if you sand dolls well, they will be beautiful again, easily.
      I think yellowish is the proof of love, so play with our dolls much and if we need change, we can do it whenever we like...;)
    13. About UV protect skin, I asked about the effect of it to Volks staff before, but they answered it was new product and they didn't know the actual effect yet. At least old skin is often said harder to be yellow than normal pure skin. Pure skin is softer than old skin as you know. Maybe pure skin is weakest one currently...
    14. Thank you for your informations ria_ria, I never notice even bad "sanding" will cause yellowish, it really scare me alot. I perfer to get sanding from Volks before I get my doll, but at the beginning USA Volks don't offer this service,
      so some dolls are done by myself. I'm afraid that things will happen to my love one.
    15. I'm curious, when people talk about dolls yellowing, does it mean that they get yellow in parts that are covered by clothes too?
      Or just the parts that are exposed to light?

      I haven't had any of my dolls for that long, and I can say none of them have yellowed, but I want to know what to do to protect them better from that ^^

      Wah!! That's a scary thought! :o
    16. Oh, I know why dolls turn yellow..:sweat I never take my dolls outside and have cut 99% of sunlight out of my room just to keep them in good condition without having to keep them in boxes. I was asking about switching the parts to UV protect ones at Volks stores. :sweat
    17. And also, what about artificial lightning? Does it affect too?

      I vaguely remember reading something about this, but I couldn't find anything ;_;
    18. Some lights, such as some bright hospital lights actually emit UV rays. And of course UV lights in clubs and UV nail drying lamps. However, I don't think any standard household lights emit UV rays, because of the damage they cause to us. And, UV doesn't go through glass. Hence why you can't get a tan in a conservatory.

      My MSD Ken never went outside,though I think I had him in the garden for one photoshoot but that was dismal sunlight. However he did yellow in the 2 years I had him. So I don't think yellowing is due to the UV alone. And my Ken was never around smoke either. Maybe it is free radicals in the air, or just what resin does over time. His yellowing was all over.

      I hope you won't be offended if I ask, does Kodona ever get exposed to smoke? Tobacco smoke would react with the resin.
    19. I'm sorry if my explanation wasn't enough or bad.
      Well, sanding itself isn't bad. If you did sanding well and the surface of skin is smooth, yellowing isn't caused quickly. I heard sanding + coating is better than sanding only. The reason why is coating cuts air from skin. (I wish it makes a sense :sweat ) I wanted to say, when doll skin had a lot of 凸凹, "irregular" yellowing is caused and as a result it seems as if the point of being sanded turned yellow quiker.
      In person I feel sanding by Volks is a good job and doesn't cause it quickly. But all cast doll can't avoid yellowing anyway, sadly...
    20. Oh, I'm sorry~! I understood :)
      About UV protect skin, Volks themselves don't have an actual result yet.