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Volks SD Magical Michael's seal symbol...thingy o.O;;

Sep 10, 2006

    1. In some pictures ive seen of Magical Michael, and on a video they showed at the NY tea party...he had somesort of magic symbol to represent him. Like the symbols they use in Full Metal Alchemist, which the correct term for is ecaping me....And if i remember correctly, it may have had little flames on it?...

      Anyway, does anybody know where i can find a picture of magical michael's little magic seal thingy? I want to use it for an icon, but all my searches have turned up a fat lot of nuthin x_x;

      i found this on Usagi665's site http://www.bunnysneezes.net/superdollfie/volks/images/michael/030906.jpg

      but thats not it x_x If im remebering right, Michael's own personal one was more complex..hrm..
    2. anyone?? >_<
    3. can u give me the link fo this video im prety curious:sweat
    4. I dont have it. It was shown at the NY tea party. It was actually kinda boring. It just showed their differant dolls and had a graphic of their name pop up. The camera just filmed the dolls on a stand turning kinda and then the name graphic, then it faded out to the next doll. It was all set to music and thats really all there was to it. Not much to see, really. It was just a really really short little introduction video...
    5. Like an alchemical array or map? Hmm. Maybe the original dolpa display of him had it? Like when the dolls pop up on Y!J right after the dolpa, and some sellers post pics of the original doll display? I think I know (vaguely) what you're talking about, but I can't remember exactly what it looked like or where I saw it...
    6. I found this


      I don't know if it helps you(i don't have a large picture, this ones comes from the volks website)
    7. Honestly, it could have been anything. I would look into alchemical arrays or Kabbalistic symbols - both garner a lot of attention in Japanese design because of their otherworld mysticism and are littered all throughout the anime and manga world simply because they look cool. I imagine it was probably a stock design along the same lines or pulled from a public source on the subjects, so if you look around, you'll probably find something similar. Since Magical Michael seems to use the star of David for his one magical attack that we have seen, they might have used the Kabbalah for his other symbols as well.
    8. Yeah, i think the one behind him in the picture that ezzora put up might be it. Its a bit more "embellished" than the one i found..so maybe that IS it after all..I wonder if there might be a differant "version" of it for him...Like with differant colors, or with the fire that i seem to remember. I wish i could see that little volks video again and just pull it from that >w<
    9. double post >w<
    10. I have one bigger, but he is still standing before it :sweat
      it seems there is a symbol inside the star

    11. Woot! Sabriell, you posted that up right as i was needing a closeup XD Awesome

      Here's a REALLY really rough messy copy i just made in PSP and paint. Do you guys think it look fairly accurate? e_O

    12. ^ OH NICE~!!! Yeah it looks perfect ^_^

    13. its a great symbol ^__^ Do you plan to tattoo it on Kodona?That would be really cool on his back
    14. XDDD that would be HELLA cool, but tattoos really arent his thing...iunno..i like to draw on him when i get bored and wash it off later (yay for human shaped canvases! ^0^) maybe next time i use him as a sketchbook i'll try it and take a few pictures~
    15. acciental double post pwease dewete this wone ^^
    16. Well I'm a witch irl and I'm offended XD jk lol I love that symbol XD its the star of david or solomon's shield or the seal of Solomon...... O_O all that other stuff around is made up squiglies. Each point represents an element.... and I'm rambling XD sorry this isn't a magick forum lol ^^ hot doll XD
    17. the circular part looks like a super stylized rendition of the traditional zodiac, without the symbols, to me. just my .02
    18. It looks pretty close, but there's something in the middle of the star there that he's blocking :/
      Can't tell what it is, just that there's something there ^^''
    19. *squints at the picture* o.o so there is~~ you're right...well damn >_> now thats gunna bug me until i find out what it is x_x