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Volks SD Michael - Dark Michael version

Aug 14, 2006

    1. I've prowled around the net some, an for the most part end up with dead ends. I'm trying to find out about the Black version Michael that came out. I've found him on the volks Super dollfie.net page but unlike the pages about the Magical Michael it doesn't give any details about him. Just a few pictures.
      I'm not even sure what event he came from. From pictures, I've come across, I've seen him listed as the Black Sorcerr(sp) Michael, Gothic Michael, Lalaport Michael. One of them was listed as a "Kiss Gift Version" So, yeah. I'm totaly clueless about this boy.
      So if anyone knows anything about this boy, please let me know? He's so pretty. An I've lucked up into getting his outfit an wig... the wig was cut ;_; but just the tail off of it, an I'm pretty sure I can sew a new one into it? If not, I've found a few on other sites that would be suitable replacements. The boots on the other hand... I can assume would be impossible to find? I'm not even sure when he came out? But, I've got a Magical Michael that will act as my stand in *snerk* since I've never seen one up for sale, my self. Thanks for any future info!
    2. I've got a bit more info about him on my site. Since getting into dolls last September I've seen him three times on Y!J, one NRFB, one used but default with outfit, and one nude. If you get him nude you probably wouldn't pay more than $1500 at the most..I haven't seen a reasonably priced MIB version on Y!J yet. As for his wig, it is a wet styled version of W-80, Volks puts it on one-offs sometimes but does not sell normally.

      I'll keep my eyes peeled when looking at auctions and PM you if I ever see another.

      Edit: Heh guess I took too long responding, site's already been linked :sweat
    3. ^.^ thanks to both of you! I'd love to get my Michael a brother but that's a bit to much for my poor self to pay.. so he might have to be his own brother for a while >>;
    4. I'd really love it if you ever see his boots if you'd pm me. :aheartbea