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Volks SD Miruku or Kurumi - same doll?

Dec 11, 2008

    1. She's the same doll, but white skin.
    2. All I just saw that since I found anohter auction with Kurumi in it...

      SO they basically did a Bianca and Rose thing then...

      Well this should make people who wanted Kurumi happy !
    3. All of the Dolpa 20 SDs were released in two versions... Kurumi and Miruku, Kohya and Tohya, and Johanna and Iris are all pairs of dolls with one in normal and one in white skin but the same sculpt, and Lin and Shinn are boy and girl versions of the same sculpt. :)

    4. Oh I didn't know that but I barely saw on Volks site that they had Kurumi on there, well that is nice :)