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Volks SD Owner Cards

Apr 20, 2006

    1. Hi there,

      I was wondering if anyone had ever gotten the SD owners registration cards they were supposed to get by registering for the SD owners list? I never got one. Granted, it's only been since December/January, but I was just wondering.

    2. I sighed up along time ago and nothing! I hope it comes eventually!

    3. i just signed Elijah Belle up... i hope she's in the database, cuz I wanna go to the TEA!!

      a card would be neat...
    4. I think you have to make a purchase at VolksUsa before they send a card. I've been signed up for a few months too and no card :\
    5. Humm, if you are a Volks club member, you can go to the tea party in NY?
      I though you had to subscribe to a doll mag...
      Hopefully, I'll be able to order a few things from Volks soon, and hopefully my card will be with my order:)
    6. I think you have to be a subscriber, and that Volks club members will get priority access if it's limited attendance.
    7. Hmm, I need to sign Violet up for that database. Sadly, she's only a Volks HEAD >.> Though I would claim her with the Volks DD body.
    8. I would assume the card for making a purchase is separate from the owner's card. Since the owner's card has a $10 fee annually.

      I've been signed up and made a purchase and haven't gotten a card for either. I emailed them (again) about it.
    9. I'm apparently too stupid to find where to register u.u Someone toss me a link?
    10. Yeah, the purchasing card is free. All it's used for is keeping track of what you buy at Volks. Which reminds me, I have to find mine since I'll be visiting Volks, USA this Sunday! :)
    11. cheshiretiffy: It's kind of blending in with the other stuff on the volks page right now.

      Pink banner near the top. Link here.
    12. Ah, thank you.
    13. I filled out that form twice and never saw Michiko in the database thing. And no card. D: Oh wellz.
    14. I signed up when they had the beta owners list. My doll is on there, but I didn't receive my membership card until I made a purchase at the volks store.

      The owners club with card at that time was free for the first year then if I remember correctly it costs $10 per year to renew membership.
    15. My Calypso is in the data-base, but I never got my card.
    16. I also tried to register, on the 2nd period. I even sent a picture and I can never find my girl. :(
    17. Well, I registered Vi. We'll see what happens.
    18. I registered the first time around. Both of my Volks girls are in the database, but I've never gotten a membership card. I did get a Volks card when I visited the store back in November, but I think that's a different thing, like someone said earlier - it's just to keep track of your purchases.
    19. Ditto. I emailed them about it and this is what I was told:

    20. Thanks Marilyn!